For course descriptions, consult the Academic Calendar.

Biblical Studies

RSC112 – From Mythology to History: Biblical Israel and its World
RSC114 – Biblical Hebrew I
RSC115 – Biblical Hebrew II
RSC135 – Jesus and His World
RSC214 – Israelite Mythology and Cultic Practice
RSC215 – Fake News? History vs. Legend in the Narrative of Early Biblical Israel
RSC247 – Study Tour of Biblical Israel (6 credits)
RSC311 – Advanced Study in Biblical Texts
RSC328 – Christian Origins

World Religions

RSC100 – Middle Eastern Matrix: Religions of the West 
RSC101 – Asian Origins: Religions of the East
RSC120 – Ancient Greek Mythology
RSC124 – Hinduism: The Many Faces of the Divine
RSC125 – Buddhism: The Middle Way
RSC126 – Judaism: A Covenant with God
RSC127 – Islam: Submission to Allah
RSC205 – Indigenous Religious Traditions
RSC238 – Greece: Land of the Gods (6 credits)
RSC280 – Roman Religion

Approaches, Perspectives and Expressions

RSC148 – Psychology of Religion
RSC149 – Sociology of Religion
RSC200 – Politics and Religion
RSC203 – Early Christian Art and Architecture
RSC204 – Women in Religion
RSC206 – Apocalypse
RSC207 – Sex and Religion
RSC208 – The Divine and Ultimate Concern
RSC209 – Sports and Religion
RSC232 – Philosophy of Religion
RSC234 – Introduction to Middle Eastern Politics
RSC236 – Death and Dying in the Ancient World
RSC237 – Religion at the Movies
RSC248 – Death and Dying in the Modern World
RSC302 – Of Latter-day Saints and Modern-day Prophets: New Religious Movements
RSC303 – On the Road Again: Pilgrimage in Theory and Practice
RSC310 – Christian Nationalism in America
RSC332 – Magic and Divination in the Ancient Near East
RSC335 – Sacred Space in the Ancient World
RSC350 – The Goddess: History, Cult and Myth

Independent Studies and Honours Thesis

RSC300 – Independent Studies I
RSC301 – Independent Studies II
RSC402 – Honours Thesis (6 credits)

Cognate Courses

CLA110 – The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
CLA113 – Classical Mythology: The Greek Influence on Rome
DRA211 – Ritual and Theatre
EDU313 – Teaching Ethics and Religious Culture (Elementary & Secondary)
HIS253 – A History of Medieval Europe
HIS279 – The Middle East in the Twentieth Century
HIS291 – Women in the Islamic World
HIS393 – Inquisitions, Law and Society
LIB384 – Dante’s Divine Comedy
Some courses offered in the College of Liberal Arts
Some courses offered in the Philosophy Department
PSY298 – Zen and the Brain

This is not an exhaustive list. Religion, Society and Culture students should consult the chair of the Department regarding any other courses offered by other departments or programs that they wish to take for Religion, Society and Culture credit.