Scholarships and Prizes available to Music students

Scholarships and Prizes available to Music students

Howard Brown Memorial Scholarships in Music

Awarded to returning students who have exhibited strong performance in Music. Renewable when academic criteria are met.

O. H. Sévigné Scholarship in the Creative and Performing Arts

Awarded to a student in the Drama, fine Arts or Music Departments with a first-class academic average and high quality creative or performance skills. Renewable when academic criteria are met.

E.W. John Turcke Sholarship

Awarded to an incoming student majoring in Music, who possesses high academic standing. Preference given to violin or cello. Awarded following a successful audition with the Music Program.

Georgina Mills Prize

Awarded to a full-time student finishing first year with an academic average over 70%, enrolled in the Music Program. Awarded by the Department, by audition, to the student showing the highest proficiency in performance.

Friends of Music Prize

Awarded to the Music Honours or Major student coming second in the competition for the M. Georgina Mills prize in Music.

Howard Brown Prizes

Awarded each year to continuing full-time students in Music with the highest grade in Principal Instrument.

Hodder Award in Music

Awarded to one or more students for outstanding work in administering the “Chez Nous” concert series.

Undergraduate Prize in Music

Awarded to the top returning student in Music, based on GPA. Funded by Bishop’s Alumni and friends.

SPG Jubilee Award for Student Musicians at St. Mark’s Chapel

Awarded to a student(s) who provide(s) outstanding music services in St. Mark’s Chapel during the academic year. This may include playing the organ or another instrument, directing the chapel choir or accompanying choir practices. Selection by the Chapel Music Committee.

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