The Bishop’s University Music Society (BUMS)

The music department at Bishop’s has a very tight-knit yet welcoming community. Walking through the Bandeen Hall lobby on any given school day, you will see a flurry of student activity; socializing, transcribing tunes, or firing off emails behind the office desk. Students are truly the heart of the music department.

Governed by a dedicated student executive, BUMS is a society comprised of all students in the music department. The primary focus of BUMS is to provide opportunities for students to establish a strong social foundation upon which a healthy academic environment may be built. While acting as a means of communication between the student body as a whole and the faculty, BUMS also organize fun events such as Jazz Jam Thursdays, themed cabarets, movie-viewings, potlucks and semi-annual formals. These initiatives provide a musical and social outlet for students to unwind, enjoy good company and food, and share their talents.

BUMS is on Facebook and Flickr:

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