Exchange Programs

Exchange Programs

Exchange Programs with Japanese universities

Yamaguchi Prefectural University (YPU)

Bishop’s University has a bi-lateral exchange agreement with Yamaguchi Prefectural University, Yamaguchi, Japan since 1996. The agreement includes: (1) student exchange, (2) faculty exchange, (3) any other exchange, which includes the teaching assistant exchange. The choice of the wording of  (3), i.e., “any other exchange” was done on purpose so as to be able to include just about any possible exchange in the future, but the most immediate exchange to implement was the teaching assistant exchange. Items (1) and (3) have been in effect and we receive YPU students as well as YPU teaching assistants every year. Of course, we send our students to YPU every year. To get more information as to how to go and study at YPU, click on the link above.

Our Heather Coyle has returned to Bishop’s after one full year of study at YPU. Mika North also came back from YPU after having studied at YPU for one semester (Spring 2007). (They both graduated in June, 2008) We hear that both Heather and Mika were well-adjusted there and had a great time. We’re very happy for them.

Before Heather and Mika, Jayson Deare and Yves Landry went to YPU. Jayson was an exchange student and Yves was an ESL teaching assistant. They both seem to have had a good time in Yamaguchi. Their adventure was even televised during the New Year break. I remotely recall that it had to do with a form of ping pong that the local folks found it quite interesting.

Both Jayson and Yves already graduated from Bishop’s with their majors plus the minors in Japanese Studies. Yves is actively engaging in a job hunt in politics.

For more information, visit the Student Exchange and Study Abroad Programs website.

Teaching Assistant Exchange

Teaching Assistant Exchange with Yamaguchi Prefectural University, Yamaguchi, Japan

As part of the agreement between Bishop’s University and Yamaguchi Prefectural University (YPU), Yamaguchi, Japan, we’re in a position to send our students to YPU to serve as ESL teaching assistant.

You don’t have to be a well-accomplished ESL teacher to qualify for the exchange. Necessary training will be given to you upon arrival at YPU. Our first teaching assistant in 2004-2005 was Yves Landry, who graduated 2 years ago from Bishop’s University with a major in Political Science and a minor in Japanese Studies.