Études françaises et québécoises: Credit transfer policy for spring/summer courses and immersion programs (including the explore program)

The Département d’études françaises et québécoises strongly encourages students to participate in immersion programs, such as the Canadian Explore program. As of July 1st, 2014, the following rules will be strictly applied:

1) Only students who have completed 15 credits at Bishop’s University, before beginning a Spring/Summer course, or an immersion program in French, can receive transfer credits.

2) Before participating into an immersion program, the student MUST (a) have completed our Assessment/Placement Test or a BU French course. Following this, the student will have to (b) register into a course or an immersion program at a level equivalent or higher than their BU evaluation results in order to receive credits for his/her course(s). No credit will be transferred if either one of these two requirements is not met.

3) In agreement with the spirit of the decision rendered by the Senate on December 14, 1998, and unless there are some exceptional circumstances, a maximum of 6 credits will be transferred for any Spring/Summer or immersion program (and a maximum of 3 credits for a 3‐week course or less). Bishop’s University policies regarding contact hours and examinations will apply.

4) Consecutive oral conversations courses will not be recognized, and therefore a maximum of 3 credits can be granted if a student decides to take such courses. When a conversation course is taken, the student might be requested to take an aural comprehension test upon his/her return, in order to receive his/her credits.

5) Any student wishing to take a French course outside of Bishop’s must complete, to the Departmental satisfaction, the “Request to take a French course outside of Bishop’s” form (please contact the departmental chairperson). Students will then receive an official approval. Because of the wide array of French courses offered in Canada during the Spring and the Summer, it is impossible for our Department to keep track of the various requirements from all; it is therefore the responsibility of the student to individually register for those courses and forward all the necessary information to our Department, in order to get them approved.

6) Deadline for requesting permission to take a Spring or Summer course in French: May 15th.