The Mitre

The Mitre

The Mitre is an annual, student-run publication that accepts all forms of written and visual creative expression from the Bishop’s and Lennoxville communities. The 128th edition will be published in the spring of 2021.

About Movements & Mutations (128th edition)

In a time of immediate and cathartic change, forcefully isolated from the mumbled hum of our daily lives, we have been propelled into a new kind of collective consciousness. We have gained the momentum to undergo a great change which continues to permeate our every lives in many shapes. Revolutions, protests, riots, marches, and a growing social awareness are the expression of a world in movement, eager and driven to create a livable and durable future. By virtue of that movement, our individual and collective identities have mutated, our awareness of the self and of our place in the world strengthened, and our voices have grown louder.

The skin of our world has surfaced with its fissures, warts, and broken bones demanding that we restore it, for that skin is our skin. We have felt each rip in the fabric as our ways of life have been stolen, our illusory comfort has been disturbed, and we have been forced to ask who we are while our burning, flooding, melting planet turns the clock-hands faster and faster, each number on the dial replaced with a disaster.

All is now changing, moving, mutating, and in most cases we are not always steering that change. But we are creating. Our Art exists beyond the plains of our lives: our Art cannot be pillaged like our land, cannot be beaten by the figures of law, cannot be impoverished by greed, contained by borders and walls, nor brought to drown or starve on the path to asylum. Our Art drives the revolution, gives the people a voice, and expresses our constantly changing selves.

Our Art, Your Art, will always be the eternal witness to that change. Art is that change.

About the 2020-2021 Editors

Veronica Mongiardo is a third-year student from Montreal, QC, pursuing a Double Major in Education with an Honours in Literature and a minor in Sociology. In the past, she has contributed to BU’s English Department as a research assistant for Dr. Linda Morra.

Jeremy Audet is a third-year Literature student. His works of poetry, prose, and photography have been published in the 126th and 127th editions of The Mitre.

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