The Mitre

The Mitre

The Mitre is an annual, student-run publication that accepts all forms of written and visual creative expression from the Bishop’s and Lennoxville communities. The 130th edition will be published in the spring of 2023.

About Awakening (130th edition)

Opening one’s eyes and facing the world has long been a fascination in art and literature, as if by looking more closely we can see life more clearly. This metaphor has been used to define spiritual conversion, sexual knowledge, and understanding of social issues. Art is a way of connecting with others and it can be a powerful tool to engage those who are still asleep. Creation can also be an act of renewal, of reassurance, and of perseverance. What has changed inside of you since you set out on your journey, and what remains to be discovered?

While creating for our 130th edition Awakening, consider the following:

  • How is our art shaped by our experiences?
  • What is knowledge really worth?
  • How has your own sense of awakening affected your perception of the world around you?
  • How can art persuade us to think differently?
  • How are our own realizations and transformations impacted by creation?


About the 2022-2023 Co-Editors

Elisha Davidson-Yee is a fourth-year student from British Columbia with a major in Liberal Arts and a minor in Classical Studies. She is looking forward to working on this edition of The Mitre, and seeing the many ways in which contributors interpret Awakening.

Leo Webster is a fourth-year student from Maine with a major in English and minors in Creative Writing and Sustainable Agriculture. He has been a contributor to The Mitre in previous years and is excited to work with this year’s authors and artists.

Copies of the 128th and 129th edition can be purchased at Doolittle’s Co-op
Anterior editions can be viewed at The Mitre Archives