At Bishop’s University, we strive to build souls as much as we build CVs. We showcase transformative learning via faculty-student partnerships, both in the classroom and beyond. This podcast series, BUtalks will ask: what transforms us? What builds our souls? What do the authentic faculty-student collaborations have in common, and why does this model flourish at BU? We take as our central premise that the best professors are the ones who model humility, failure, resilience, and ultimately their humanity.

About BUtalks

BUtalks is a student-run, experiential-learning-based podcast series created as a collaboration between the campus radio station, Toast Radio, and the English Department. Students planned and executed all aspects of the podcast process from research to interviewing and promotion. Through this course, students learned how to create a high-quality podcast and were exposed to many aspects of 21st century broadcast journalism.

Watch the Series 1 episodes below: