The Bishop’s experience in English is about studying all kinds of cultural texts, from Old English epics to contemporary films and television. It’s about both critical insight and creative production. And most importantly, it’s about developing a genuine community through an intimate environment. Small classes enable students and professors to get to know and learn from one another. Visiting speakers, poetry nights at local cafés and pubs, an internationally recognized undergraduate conference, a student-run film festival, movie nights, creative writing contests, and a party every term extend learning well beyond the classroom.

Why study English at Bishop’s?

We like to think of our Program as an offer you can’t refuse: the chance to develop the most sought after skills in today’s society. By studying English you’ll develop a rich and sophisticated understanding of your culture and yourself. You’ll hone your analytical skills and learn to use language in a way that will empower you in the job market and, indeed, in life.

Program strengths

  • Majors and Honours in literature or film and media studies.
  • Minors in Creative writing and journalism, film and media studies, and literature.
  • Dynamic courses taught by passionate professors, in both traditional and innovative subjects.
  • A variety of smaller, seminar-based courses.
  • Growing strengths in editing and publishing for literary journals and academic publications.

Popular courses

  • The Gothic Tradition
  • Screenwriting
  • Early Twentieth-Century American Novel
  • Children’s Literature
  • The Graphic Novel
  • Editing and Publishing
  • Shakespeare
  • From Aliens to Zombies: Everything You Wanted to Know About Horror Films But were Afraid to Ask

Did you know ?

  • English organizes many extra-curricular events, including an international undergraduate student conference (QUEUC), film screenings, a theatre festival (BUFF), theatre trips, author readings (Morris House Reading Series), and department parties.
  • English students have their own society, Englit, and publish Canada’s oldest literary journal, THE MITRE.
  • The department awards more than $2000 in prizes each year.
  • The award for the “greatest contribution to university life” went to an English student in 2007 and 2013 (PLUS English students are recognized every year for their contributions to the university)
  • Our professors win university and national teaching awards, including the William and Nancy Turner teaching award (Dr. Jessica Riddell; Chad Gibbs) and the 3M National Teaching Fellowship (Dr. Riddell, 2015)

Courses & Programs

Where can this lead me?

Our graduates are involved in many careers in the following fields:

  • Graduate School
  • Law School and careers related to the Justice System
  • Editing and Publishing Industry
  • Media and Journalism
  • Advertising, Marketing, and Fundraising
  • Working for NGOs or joining the Civil Service
  • Communications in the corporate and public sectors
  • Teaching and Education
  • Film and Media Production

Honours Essays

See a list of the students who completed an Honours Essay as part of their degree requirement.