Annette…from Texas Boy

    Annette…from Texas Boy

    Modern – Women

    By George Rideout (Escape Acts: Nuage Editions,133-34)

    ANNETTE: Kissing in the snow is the most wonderful feeling in the whole world. Right after a big blizzard when the wind has stopped blowing. That’s the best time. At night….You go outside. It’s not cold at all. Everything is covered in deep snow: the streets, the cars, the trees, the mailbox, the stone angel in Mrs. Dennison’s front yard. And everything is sparkling, like someone had scattered millions of tiny diamonds in the snow. Even the black sky is sparkling.

    It’s the most beautiful sight in the world. Everything is perfectly still. There’s not enough wind to blow one little flake of snow. Put your hands over your ears. Put your hands over your ears and listen. (Annette puts her hands over her ears and Walter follows suit. They listen for a moment. They remove their hands) That’s how quiet it is. I’m not exaggerating. It’s the perfect time to be in love….You meet at the corner but you don’t kiss right away. You just hold hands and walk down River Street, right in the middle of the street, right in the middle of the street and you’re falling over in the snow and laughing like crazy. You get snow all over your face and it melts against your skin. Your eyelashes are wet. You want to kiss so badly but you don’t. The first kiss must be saved for the perfect moment….When you get to High Street you go over a block then cut across into the Prospect School yard. The snow is even deeper there, swept up in big silent drifts over the slides and teeter-totters and the merry-go-round. Right in front of you is old Prospect School. Huge and dark and lonely as a prison. You never go near the school. You struggle on through the snow out into the very middle of the playground … the kissing place….The moonlight is falling in a bright circle on the snow. You stand there in the middle of the circle facing each other. He puts his arms around you. You look into his eyes. He looks into your eyes. He leans his face towards yours and kisses you gently. His lips are warm. Then he pulls you to him and you both fall gently into the snow. (Annette and Walter kiss)

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