Productions 2019-2020

Productions 2019-2020

Our season will take you from a desert island where social roles are turned upside down to a small town in Saskatchewan threatened by a deadly adversary. You will experience the liberating power of education and the dangers of ignorance. Learn more about our upcoming productions below and we hope to see you in the theatre!


Our subscription price includes 1 ticket per show (4 shows in total).

$50 for adults
$45 for seniors
$30 for students

There is a $4 administration fee for each subscription purchase.

Buy your season pass  starting Monday, August 12, 2019, 8:30 AM.

Single Ticket Sale

Single ticket sale will start September 16th.

$15 for adults / $10 for students for shows in Turner Studio Theatre.
$20 for adults / $12 for students for shows in Centennial Theatre.

There is a $5 administration fee per ticket for online purchase or $2 for phone purchase.

Unity 1918 by Kevin KerrUnity 1918 by Kevin Kerr

October 23-27, 2019
Turner Studio Theatre

Directed by Mary Harvey.

In the Fall of 1918, an influenza pandemic swept the planet, the deadliest outbreak of an infectious virus in recorded history. Millions of healthy young adults died as Spanish Flu reached every part of the globe aided by the mass return of soldiers from the First World War. More people died in 4 weeks of the Flu than in 4 years of combat.

Panic and paranoia begin to fill the small rural town of Unity, Saskatchewan as they await the homecoming of their young men. The town is quarantined, trains forbidden to stop, letters burned and citizens begin to turn on each other to try and find a scapegoat for the crisis…

“A work of powerful and moving familiarity … that celebrates love, sex, death and the sorrowful mysteries of war and plague. It is also painfully funny.”
(Globe & Mail)

Good for Grades 9-12 & Cegep.

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Slave IslandSlave Island (1725) by Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux

November 13-17, 2019
Turner Studio Theatre

New English translation by Justin A. Blum.
Directed by Gabrielle Houle.

Slave Island is a one-act play that questions social order and mocks human vices using light comedy, a utopian setting, and the beloved characters of the Commedia dell’Arte. First performed in 1725 by the famed Italian Comedy in Paris it was later called a “little jewel” by Beaumarchais, the author of the Figaro Plays and a contemporary of Marivaux.

Good for Grades 9-12 & Cegep.

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The Miracle Worker by William GibsonThe Miracle Worker by William Gibson

March 12-15, 2020
Centennial Theatre

Directed by George Rideout.

Among the most beloved American plays of all time, The Miracle Worker presents the true story of the young Helen Keller, blind and deaf from infancy. Undisciplined by her parents due to the pity they feel for her, and unable to communicate beyond simple hand gestures, Helen has slipped ever further into a dark, soundless, and frightening world. As a last resort the Kellers hire a teacher for Helen, Annie Sullivan. Annie arrives with a rough, no nonsense mentality and despite the grave misgivings of the Kellers, she performs a miracle: she gives Helen the gift of language.

A play for the whole family that touches the heart in a way that few plays have ever done.

Good for 8 year old kids to adults.

* Photo credit: United States Library of Congress.

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Tartuffe or the Imposter by MolièreTartuffe or the Imposter by Molière

March 25-29, 2020
Turner Studio Theatre

Directed by Rebecca Harries.

Banned from stages in France, beginning in 1664, and Nouvelle-France in 1693, the first play to be banned in Québec, Molière’s most famous and most popular play could be offered as proof that controversy breeds success. Widely regarded as a satire of religious hypocrisy, Tartuffe or the Intruder also questions paternal power – what happens when the fate of many depends upon one man, who follows his personal feelings and ignoring reason and the rule of law; Orgon the father of the family becomes enamored of an Imposter.

The second year drama class sets out to answer these questions, embodying Molière’s vivid characters in a contemporary take on a funny, and at times nightmarish, classic.

Good for Grades 9-12 & Cegep.

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