Turner Studio Theatre

The Turner Studio Theatre functions as a dynamic multi-purpose environment for traditional and experimental presentations. Opened in March 1989, it seats up to 150 people in a technically sophisticated yet intimate space which can adapt to the special needs of theatre.

As a laboratory and teaching resource, the Turner Studio Theatre provides a creative context in which students can develop their professional skills.

The Drama Department produces 2 annual Festivals of student plays as well as four other productions directed by the Drama Department teachers and professors.

Centennial Theatre

Bishop’s Centennial Theatre, the inspiration of Arthur Motyer, Professor of English and Director of Drama from 1950-1970, was built in 1967 and contains a charming and efficient main theatre seating 550, a spacious lobby, a vast workshop, a rehearsal room, dressing rooms, a Green Room, and the administrative offices.

In 2006, on the threshold of its 40th anniversary, the university’s 575 seat auditorium received a $1.5 million makeover. The renovations included new seating, house lights, carpeting, and a new sound system that includes mixing boards, microphones, and lighting allowing for larger productions to be accommodated on campus.

It is an excellent learning facility as well as a splendid focus on a diversity of renters and the annual large-scale Drama Department production. Students are offered every chance to work on the various aspects of the incoming or in-house productions.

Bandeen Hall

For Drama students also pursuing studies in Music, Bandeen Hall is the centerpiece of musical life on the campus of the University. The 156-seat hall combines modern technical services with the rich acoustics and the intimate grace of a nineteenth-century building.

Built in 1897, the beauty of Bandeen Hall is more than skin deep. Designed to assure maximum comfort, efficiency and flexibility, the recital hall can be reconfigured for a variety of different uses, including recording sessions or rehearsals for large ensembles, classes or guest lectures. The hall has been retrofitted as an up-to-date “smart” room and is equipped for professional quality recording.