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The Drama Department believes that a theatre education founded in practical and cooperative learning can bring out the creator in all our students. Our vibrant students and engaged professors and support staff create a unique space for learning, whether you are looking for a career in the performing arts or exploring skills that theatre training offers.

Why Study Drama @ BU

Get Involved

The Opportunities

Students at Bishop’s have many opportunities to work on productions in both our black box Studio theatre and in our 550 seat Broadway style amphitheatre, as well as through the many festivals that take place on campus (New Plays, TheatreActIV, BU Film Festival, etc.). Productions allow students to apply their skills as actors or technicians, costume makers or dramaturgs. Come and blaze your path!

Your Time to Shine

Professional Spaces

Bishop’s offers the unique benefit of being a small campus where students from all faculties interact, while also boasting professional venues, including our Turner and Centennial theatres, as well as our costume, workshop, media room, and more.

Triple Threat

Concentration in Musical Theatre

Looking to add another dimension to your experience in the theatre? Bishop’s University is proud to offer the only English language Musical Theatre concentration in the province of Quebec. Drama majors are free to pursue this unique concentration and explore musical theatre in depth on our professional stages.

Explore Your Passion

Career Paths

Drama at BU gives you the opportunity to explore and develop your artistic talents and goals. An education in Drama prepares students for a career in acting, arts administration, technical direction or management, education, and more. Many students also choose to continue their studies in an M.A., M.F.A., or other graduate level degree.

Put Your Skills To Workg

Experiential Learning

We have a priority at Bishop’s to offer practical, experience-based opportunities to put students in a position to learn in a work-like environment while earning credits to their degree. In the drama department you can take advantage of existing opportunities or create your own!

All Are Welcome

The Bilingual Experience

Bishop’s is located in beautiful Lennoxville, QC, and offers an immersive bilingual experience. If you are thinking of working in the theatre in Quebec, take advantage of this opportunity to learn or improve a second language in a safe and supportive environment.

Courses & Programs

The department offers Major and Honours programs designed to expose students to all facets of theatre practice and study as well as provide them with the flexibility to orient their program towards a particular field of study. Students may also pursue a minor while

Major in Drama (48 credits)

Drama Majors will receive a comprehensive and immersive experience in theatre, including performance, technical, design, historical, and practical experience, while also allowing room to pursue a double major or minor in another department or faculty.

Honours in Drama (60 or 66 credits)

An Honours degree requires students to complete an additional 12 credits above the requirements for the Major (48 credits).

Students may also complete an Honour with Thesis (66 credits*)

Students must obtain a 75% average, as calculated from the last 60 credits in the Honour discipline (including cognates), in order to graduate with an Honours degree in Drama. Students wishing to enrol in DRA 450 (Honours Thesis) must have 75% cumulative average when registering in FALL semester, and 75% average on required courses in thesis area of interest.

Minor in Drama (24 credits)

Students looking for an introduction to theatre while pursuing other degrees at Bishop’s may choose our 24 credit Minor.

About your Professors

As a Drama major, you will benefit from seasoned professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds, including acting, playwriting, dramaturgy, movement, musical theatre, directing, and more.