Student club & testimonials

Student club & testimonials

The Classics Society

The Classics Society is responsible for hosting events and organizing activities that promote the study of Classics and encourage the creative exchange of ideas between the Department’s students and faculty. The society is headed by an executive of current Classics students, and all students are welcome to take an active role the club.

President: Jared Jodoin,
Vice President: Tristan Matheson, (Facebook contact welcome!)
Treasurer: Tina Annesley,
Secretary: Michael Barter,

Classics Society’s events

The Symposium: Classics Society’s wine and cheese, so professors and students in the department can get to know each another.

Observance of pagan holidays: Gatherings to celebrate the once forgotten holidays of Solstice in remembrance of the Classical traditions before Christianity.

Dining in the triclinium: Dinner parties where students can cook food from recipes from the Ancient world (for brave souls who look for an adventure).

Classics & Humanities lectures: Lectures given by guest speakers allowing students to broaden their knowledge in Classics and Humanities.

Olympics: After one entire year of brain gymnasium, it is time for the body to get some exercise (in Winter semester if weather permits).

Activities outside of the department

Humanities Festival: annual event organized by BUHF (Bishop’s University Humanities Federation) where departments organize activities to promote disciplines within the division of Humanities.

The Codex: publication for Classics, Philosophy, Liberal Arts and Religion departments. There is a call for papers in January of every year.

Activities/ outings organized by BUHF (depends on the year).

CLAREL parties: Parties between Classics and Religion students (to be determined).

So this is what a Classics class looks like!

Pictures from Professor Matthews’ travel course: CLA239 Exploring Ancient Egypt:

Pictures from the 2012 convivium:

Students used ancient Greek and Roman recipes for the “convivium”, or party, held at the end of Dr Tracy’s CLA100 course “You Are What You Eat: Food, Community and Culture in the Greek and Roman World”.


I loved completing a BA in Classical Studies at Bishop’s University. I was constantly inspired by the ideas and events of the classical world, and my professors were amazing windows into that era. I can say that will always be immensely grateful for the precious experiences. Studying the ancient world has allowed me to have a much broader perspective on our current civilization and to form my own ideas. After working in the non-profit sector for several years defending a cause and working to create change in the world we live in, I am now a graduate student and a research assistant at Université de Sherbrooke. I know that my BA is still serving me.

If you love culture, would like to have a classy BA (that’s how I feel about it !) and see undergraduate education as an opportunity to grow as a person, develop critical thinking skills, broaden your vision of the world, and understand better where we come from, this program might just be perfect for you. Good luck !Hélène Laplante Dubois

I began my education at Bishop’s with a major in English. A course in Classics in my third semester sparked a passion that I hadn’t realized I had. I graduated with a double major, Classics being one of my degrees. Taking courses with the Classics department was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The friends that one makes in the department are amazing and the faculty is both welcoming and exceptional; both in their teaching and the help that they are willing to provide their students. To all who take classes with any of the wonderful professors, good luck and listen well.Michael Barter
Studying Classics at Bishop’s University has been a fantastic experience. The faculty is outstanding, passionate, knowledgeable, and always there for their students. I wouldn’t trade my Bishop’s Classics experience for anything in the world, and it fits so well with my second passion – classic cars!
Thomas ChiltonThomas Chilton
Studying Classics helped me realize that from humour to politics, people across centuries never change.
Alex Schuller
Alex Schuller
I took Classics because learning about ancient cultures is essential since it is the foundation for some of our modern day philosophies, language, political systems and architecture to name a few. Without understanding their roots how can one begin to understand these disciplines as a whole in today’s society? Plus who wouldn’t want to read about the brutal Romans who like blood and gore? Tristan Matheson
Studying Classics helped me learn more about our common past, and understand the present – which allows me to plan for the future.
Phoebe Chan
Phoebe Chan
Classics has always been a personal passion of mine! The professors of Classical Studies at Bishop’s University are also passionate about what they teach, and this has allowed me to greatly broaden my knowledge of the field of study.
Jared Jodoin
Jared Jodoin