Classical Studies
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Socrates! Julius Caesar! Gladiators!
The Olympic Games! Cleopatra! The Sphinx!

A student in the Classical Studies department will enter the world of the ancient Mediterranean. We focus especially on the civilizations of Greece and Rome and offer courses in their literature, mythology, history, culture, art, and archaeology. Students have the opportunity to learn Latin, the language of ancient Rome and medieval Europe, and Greek, the language of philosophy, tragedy, and the New Testament.

The courses offered by the Classics department are supplemented by related courses in the departments of Philosophy, Religion, and the Liberal Arts. Many of our classes do not have prerequisites and we welcome students from all disciplines. Most of the 200-level courses are suitable for students in their first year. All you need are interest and enthusiasm to begin your journey into the Classical past.

Program strengths

  • Development of strong research and writing skills
  • Examination of the impact of ancient cultures on modern society
  • Interesting courses about popular aspects of the ancient world
  • Small class sizes and strong professor-student interaction

Popular courses

  • Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
  • Greek Art and Architecture
  • Introduction to Classical Archaeology
  • Rome: from the Republic to the Empire

Did you know ?

  • Bishop’s University offers Classics courses that travel to the American Southwest, Greece, and Jordan
  • Several Classics courses are cross-listed to offer credits for Religion and Fine Arts

Courses & Programs


The Library

The John Bassett Memorial Library is located off the Quad, at the heart of Bishop’s University. With close to 500,000 items, including books, academic journals, and a variety of other resources, it provides a wealth of knowledge for students. There are also study spaces and seminar rooms for small groups to work together. Classics students have access to a number of specific books and journals, including Biblical Archaeology Review, the American Journal of Archaeology, the Loeb Classical Library, and many others. There are CD-ROMs available to enable students to look for specific articles easily and quickly. Students can also access books at other schools’ libraries through the interlibrary loan service. There are also student jobs available either at the circulation desk or shelving.

Bishop’s University Teaching Image Collections

The Bishop’s University Teaching Image Collection is located in the library and houses a digital database, a collection of videos and DVDs, and more than 60,000 slides, worth more than a million dollars. Of this extensive collection, more than half of the slides pertain to Classical Studies. The slides, many of which were taken by Bishop’s University faculty, are a teaching collection and are used frequently in the classroom setting. Slides may also be made available for student use in connection with seminars and presentations. The university is also a member of FADIS (Federated Academic Digital Imaging System), a large-scale collection of digital images, housed at the University of Toronto, that may be accessed by faculty and students.