AAD 150 Introduction and Internal Operation examines various types of arts organizations from the perspective of the management of artistic resources: accounting, finance, human resources, project management and production organization.

AAD 202 International Market Development for the Arts: In this course, students acquire the basic knowledge, tools and strategies to successfully develop an artistic international project, for example: planning tours, co-productions, exhibits, or presenting international artists in Canada, etc. We look at such subjects as: criteria needed to succeed on the international scene; strategic planning for international access and expansion; market study and expertise; financial support; branding and promotion; cultural competencies in work ethics and social codes; feasibility study; visas and fiscal regulations, cultural diplomacy.

AAD 203 Managing the Unexpected: Pandemics and Other Crises in the Cultural Sector: Crisis management has become an important responsibility of Arts Administrators, whether that crisis is created by environmental disruptions, terrorism attacks, various social tensions or pandemics. As a result, through discussions, case studies and readings, this course explores concepts of readiness, risk and crisis management as a means of developing students’ capacities to recognize and respond to crises when they arise.

AAD 251 External and Legal Environment takes a look at the social/political context of cultural operations. Among the topics analyzed are: the legal aspects in not-for-profit organizations, board governance, labour issues and the status of the artist, funding structures.

AAD 252 Communications and Marketing for the arts examines the area of public relations and business communication as it relates to cultural promotion: marketing, press releases, advertising, sponsorship, consumer behavior.

AAD 353 Arts Administration – External Practicum: This course will be a directed independent study in which the student is placed in a range of posts in the arts industry and in not-for-profit cultural agencies. This course should be taken before the final semester. Prerequisites: AAD 250, AAD 251, AAD 252.

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