Discover people, societies, cultures and languages. Study human achievement across time and place. Develop critical inquiry, a nimble, creative mindset, the ability to communicate effectively your ideas. Be prepared for a lifetime of learning.  

The Division of Humanities offers a wide array of courses and programs in the traditional liberal arts disciplines of Classical Studies, Languages, Literature, Philosophy, History and Religion; interdisciplinary programs in Liberal Arts and in Arts Administration; as well as programs (involving both historical and practical study) in the three creative arts of Drama, Fine Arts and Music. 

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The Division of Humanities offers a wide range of Major programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). In addition, the Departments offer Honours programs directed towards students that wish to attain higher levels of specialization in their discipline and that intend to pursue graduate studies. In addition, several departments offer Minor programs that can be added to one’s Honours/Major program and some departments may offer certificate programs. 

Four recent Bishop’s grads reflect on how studying in the humanities impacted their personal and professional paths

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