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ESL Immersion for youth aged 13-15

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Summer Session: July 10 to July 28, 2023

About the Program

The Bishop’s University ESL immersion is for youth 13-15 years of age. The objectives of the program are to enhance communication abilities, develop further comprehension, increase vocabulary and improve grammar skills while speaking only in English. Our courses focus on comprehension, conversation, grammar and reading skills. Although the program is very demanding, we are convinced that you will appreciate your experience.

Government Funded Student

A student who has been granted funding on behalf of Canadian Heritage must complete the 3-week immersion program. They must live on campus for the duration of the program and adhere to the rules and regulations. At the end of the immersion, they will obtain a diploma.

Registration fees: $275.00

To apply for funding:

  1. visit myexplore.ca and follow the application instructions;
  2. pay your registration fee using our online application form: