Online Appointment Instructions

Online Appointment Instructions

IMPORTANT! Read the NEW 2020-2021 Writing Centre Online Appointment Instructions

Writing Centre consultations will be given online using Microsoft Teams.

Therefore, you must download Microsoft Teams using your Bishop’s email.

The appointments are given in 45-minute blocks to allow for some buffer time between appointments and any technical difficulties that may arise. Expect to spend 30 to 40 minutes with your writing consultant. Be ready to explain the requirements of your assignment to her.

Each student is allowed two appointments per week.

Your text must be ready to upload as a Word document.

Students who wish to review hand-written EWP exams from the past year must email Angie ( for an appointment.

The following protocol must be followed:

  1. Make an appointment on our booking site using your full name (as it appears on BU documents) and Bishop’s email address.
  2. Please do a spelling and grammar check on your text before your appointment to save time.
  3. Have your Word document ready to upload to Teams before your appointment.
  4. Your writing consultant will video call you on Teams within a few minutes of your scheduled appointment time.
  5. If you do not respond to the call, you can video call your writing consultant back as long as there is at least 15 minutes left in your appointment.
  6. If you experience technical difficulties, your writing consultant will determine the best solution to getting your paper reviewed.

Remember, your writing consultant may not be able to review your text completely. However, she will be able to give you some guidance as to how to edit the rest of it on your own.

Any questions? comments? suggestions? Email Angie at