EWP Exam

EWP Exam

General Information

The EWP Exam is a 2-hour essay exam that helps students compare their writing skills to what is expected in university assignments. Passing the exam (or the course EWP 115) is a BU graduation requirement for bachelor degree students who entered Bishop’s University before the Fall 2020 semester. This academic year, the exam will be held online. The exam evaluates English writing proficiency and is judged on structure (organization and development) and style (standard and appropriate English). The EWP requirement should be completed within the first 45 credits of one’s degree.

  • Students are notified of the next EWP Exam date by email (check your Bishop’s email account) or by checking The Next EWP Exam web page.
  • All students now need to register for the EWP Exam.
  • The EWP Exam is given at the beginning and end of the fall and winter semesters. The dates for 2021-2022 are tentatively scheduled for September 7, December 8, and April 13.
  • Students should take the EWP Exam every semester until they pass.
  • All students should review their exams with a tutor at the Writing Centre.

For more information, see the sub-pages of EWP Exam in the menu and/or the Academic Calendar.

EWP Exam for Exchange Students

Exchange students are NOT required to write the EWP (English Writing Proficiency) Exam. However, they MUST write the EWP Exam if:

  • They want to know how their written English matches with Bishop’s proficiency requirements.
  • They want a Letter of Attestation that they passed the English Proficiency Exam.
  • They want to register for the course EWP 115.

Questions?  Please contact the EWP Coordinator.

Exemptions and regulations

Please see the EWP section of the Academic Calendar.