Why become a Tutor?

One of the best ways to learn something is to explain it to someone else! In addition it allows you to:

  • Help your peers understand concepts, clarify exam questions…
  • Gain teaching experience
  • Choose flexible working hours
  • Refine your knowledge of your strongest subject

Bishop’s University Mentoring and Tutoring Program – BUMT

Purpose is to promote literacy and learning within the local community by matching up Bishop’s students with school-aged kids in the area. Our mission is to help local children and teens to achieve academic success while strengthening Bishop’s involvement in the community.

BUMT aims to accomplish this by engaging and mobilizing volunteers to take action for the cause of literacy and learning. BUMT has one-on-one tutoring programs that run in connection with Sherbrooke Elementary School (SES) and Alexander Galt Regional High School as well as a reading circle at the Lennoxville Library in partnership with Lennoxville Elementary School (LES).

For more information contact:

Leah Wynn

Bishop’s Peer Tutoring Program (financial reward)

The tutor will work with a student on an individual and/or group basis for the purpose of improving the latter’s academic performance in a particular subject. The tutor will assess the tutee’s difficulties and then plan and implement tutorials (going over class work/examples, meeting with the professor, discussion, etc.) aimed at overcoming these difficulties.

The benefits of the program to tutors include the acquisition of training and experience in the use of teaching, leadership, and interpersonal skills; reinforcement of one’s own understanding and knowledge in a chosen field of study, and financial reward.

For more information, visit the Bishop’s Peer Tutoring website.