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Application deadline: January 29, 2024

Send your application package and questions to EL@ubishops.ca.

Among Bishop’s core priorities is the creation of experiential learning possibilities through internships and co-op placements. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we can announce that applications are now open to participate in the Olney Family Internship for the summer of 2024. Thanks to the generous support of the Olney family siblings, a Bishop’s student will have the opportunity to participate in an innovative internship program pairing Bishop’s University with Rocky Mountain Adaptive (RMA) in Canmore, Alberta. Rocky Mountain Adaptive is a charitable organization that the Olney family strongly supports. Of the four Olney children (Andy, Monica ’74, Chris ’79 and Marie ’83), three are proud Bishop’s University (BU) attendees/graduates.

This internship was Marie Olney’s creation, who approached Bishop’s with the offer of a family donation to fund a student and provide support to one of her family’s preferred charitable organizations. The siblings established this internship to facilitate a unique opportunity for a current Bishop’s student to connect with RMA, support a unique experiential learning project, and encourage trans-Canada travel and exchange.

The Olney internship has two parts. The first is the chance to undertake a three-month summer residency at Rocky Mountain Adaptive in Canmore, Alberta. Here, students will enjoy the fresh mountain air as they work directly with the RMA team designing/developing a project of their creation. The second part is a six-credit course in experiential learning at Bishop’s University to be taken during the following Fall and Winter Semesters. With the support of members from RMA (remotely) and an academic supervisor at Bishop’s, students will finalize and submit their projects.

Rocky Mountain Adaptive

Rocky Mountain Adaptive is a non-profit organization based in Canmore, Alberta that works to create and provide accessible adventure to individuals of all ages living with physical or neurodivergent (intellectual, cognitive, or developmental) challenges. Based in the philosophy that there are no limits, RMA’s mission is to make sports and recreation in the Canadian Rockies accessible to all.

Programming runs throughout the year and ranges from single-day lessons and experiences to multi-week programs. RMA also has a wide variety of sports to choose from. From paddle sports to alpine adventures, these programs provide opportunities for both locals and tourists from around the world to enjoy the Rockies.

For a glimpse into RMA and the organization in general, visit their website at https://rockymountainadaptive.com/

Hear from RMA’s Executive Director,  Jamie McCulloch to learn more:

Learn about past project ideas and get application tips:


As an intern at RMA, you will have the opportunity to join the RMA team for three months in the summer of 2024. Once in Canmore, you will work hand in hand with the team throughout the summer on a project of your creation, while also supporting RMA with their programming.

Upon your return, you will then be enrolled in two Experiential Learning Courses in the Fall 2024 semester and Winter 2025 semester where you will continue to develop your project. The internship is only open to returning students.


  • June – August 2024: The selected student will spend the summer working directly with the RMA team in Canmore, Alberta. Throughout the summer, participants will be expected to work with the RMA team, develop their own project and collect data to continue their work throughout the upcoming academic year.
  • September – April 2024-25: The selected student will then be enrolled in two Experiential Learning course at Bishop’s University in the fall and winter semesters (6 credits). The course code will reflect the student’s degree area (3 credits) and ELP300 Experiential Learning Internship / Placement (3 credits). The appropriate Dean and Chair will determine the supervisor for ELP 300.


The selected applicant must be returning to Bishop’s to continue their studies in the 2024-2025 academic year during which time they will complete 6 credits of Experiential Learning courses (Fall/Winter).

  1. Applicants must have completed at least 30 credits at Bishop’s and must be returning to Bishop’s University full-time in the 2024-2025 academic year.
  2. Applicants must be in good academic standing throughout the internship.
  3. Applicants should have an interest in sports and recreation but need not be “athletes”. Experience and/or interest in teaching sports will be considered an asset.
  4. Applicants should demonstrate a willingness to understand or have a pre-existing interest in accessibility issues as they relate to individuals of all ABILITIES partaking in all aspects of society, including sports and recreational activities.
  5. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

Applicants should submit a proposal that suggests ways to enhance RMA’s impact on the community in general, and on the disABLED in particular. Project proposals will be evaluated by the Selection Committee on the basis on their alignment with RMA’s mission. The successful intern will have the flexibility to modify and adjust the proposed project based on fieldwork at RMA over the summer and in collaboration with RMA staff.

Projects could entail:

  1. A proposal for a marketing/fundraising campaign for RMA.
  2. A review of existing disABLED sports and recreation programs available in Canada vis-à-vis successes and failures.
  3. A proposal for a path forward to make RMA a Canadian (International) Centre of Excellence.
  4. The development of comprehensive internal and external Communications Plans for RMA and the subsequent execution of said plan.
  5. Development of a diversity plan to make sports, and recreational activities accessible to individuals of all abilities (to include, but not limited to senior/elderly individuals, Indigenous peoples, new Canadians) while maintaining RMA’s primary goal of providing these opportunities to individuals of various disABILITIES.


Value: $12,000 (includes project work plus travel and living expenses while in Canmore).

Funding will be awarded throughout the year as a stipend for both the summer work experience at RMA in Alberta and the Experiential Learning Courses (6 credits) on campus. This is paid in three instalments: $7,000 over the summer, two payments of $2,000 throughout the academic year, and one of $1,000 upon completion of the project. See the following breakdown for more information on the payment and activity schedule.

DateDeliverablePayment amountNotes
January 29, 2024Submission of project application
February 2024Committee will select this year’s participant
June-August 2024On-site work at RMA, in Canmore Alberta$7000.00Payable bi-weekly via Bishop’s University Payroll
September 2024Debrief with Faculty Supervisor and Mr. McCulloch on project outline.
September 2024$2000.00Payable to the student account.
December 2024Submit project write up for review.
January-April 2025Continue Project in the new year.$2000.00Payable to student account.
April 2025Submit final project
Presentation of project to the Olney family
$1000.00Payable to student account.
May 2025Final grades submitted

Application Process

Those interested should submit a proposal that suggests a project that will enhance RMA’s impact on the community in general, and on the disABLED in particular. Project proposals will be evaluated by the Selection Committee on the basis of their alignment with RMA’s mission. The successful intern will have the flexibility to modify and adjust the proposed project based on fieldwork at RMA over the summer and in collaboration with RMA staff.

Your application package should include the following:

  • Choice of EITHER a video or a written proposal of your project idea:
    • Provide a short video (maximum 5 minutes) introducing yourself and explaining how your life experiences, goals for the future, and personal development make you a suitable candidate to be the next intern at RMA, as well as the details of your project idea.
    • Write a proposal (maximum 2 pages) in which you introduce yourself and outline the project you wish to pursue in support of RMA’s objectives in general terms, with the understanding that the on-site / field component of your time at RMA headquarters will further define the nature and goals of your project.
  • Provide a Curriculum Vitae (two pages max). Include relevant past work experience, references, and any additional information you deem beneficial to your application.
  • Two letters of reference from professors at Bishop’s University. Ideally, one of these references would be a potential supervisor for the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year. The letters should detail why the applicant would be suitable for the internship.

We are currently receiving applications for the 2024-2025 internship until January 29, 2024.

Applications should be submitted as PDF files to EL@ubishops.ca.

If you have any questions about preparing your application, please email EL@ubishops.ca.

For more information about Rocky Mountain Adaptive:

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