Internships and Funding Opportunities

Internships and Funding Opportunities

Bishop’s University offers a variety of internships that allow students to apply what they have learned in class and gain hands-on experience in their field of interest. This is an essential part of learning experiences, which allow students to expand their options for the future. Many times full-time job offers after graduation occur from internship opportunities.

Why Apply?

An internship offers you the opportunity to “test the waters” in real-life situations.

  • Students are able to find out what they like and don’t like.
  • Students will be able to discover their level of comfort with their own personal and professional skills.
  • Students are exposed to hands-on experiences that test their knowledge.
  • Start building a resume for your future now.

Internship Opportunities

Academic Internships

Department Specific Internships

Follow this link to get to each department’s EL internships programs: Internships Specific to Departments

Independent Studies

Bishop’s University offers its students a wide variety of independent study and experiential learning courses. Independent study courses are a way for students to fit in coursework that they are interested in on their own time.

ELP 300

ELP 300 courses are linked to the student’s academic program. The student will be involved in an experiential learning activity (on his/her own or as part of a team) that will normally involve an internship/placement in an organization for 12-15 weeks approved by the Experiential Learning Committee of Senate and the internship/placement supervisor. Work for the course will involve the preparation of an activity plan including goals, the work itself and a critical analysis on what was learned and/or accomplished during the internship/placement.

Search the Bishop’s University Academic Calendar to get a list of Independent Study courses by department.


Law and Justice

Looking to make a real difference while advancing your studies in law and justice? Dive into real-world experience with the Centre for Justice Exchange, directed by Dr. Vicki Chartrand, an internationally renowned Criminologist. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss out:

  • Real-World Impact: Become part of a dynamic collective comprising innovative academics, dedicated students, and passionate volunteers, all driving forward transformative approaches to justice.
  • Hands-On Experience: Through our exclusive Justice Clinic Internship course, directly work with and assist individuals navigating the justice system. This isn’t just learning; it’s making a difference.
  • Research Excellence: Amplify your research skills while contributing to real legal cases and one-of-a-kind projects.
  • Expand Your Network: Connect with professionals, community leaders, and changemakers. The relationships you build here will serve you throughout your life.

Don’t just study justice—shape it. Join the Centre for Justice Exchange today.


Funded Internships

The Olney Family Internship with Rocky Mountain Adaptive

The Olney family paired with RMA offers an internship of $12,000.00 to Bishop’s University students, who are in the sports studies program. However, this internship is open to all areas of study. The students interested must create a plan that matches RMA’s ultimate goals. This is the second of a multi-year offer from the Olney family to support a Bishop’s student to realize a plan of their own creation, helping RMA with funding recruitment, new activities to implement, or ways to improve their current activities, etc. The chosen student will spend three months (from June-August) in Canmore, AB at the RMA site learning hands on about their goals.

For more information, please visit the Olney Family Internship at Rocky Mountain Adaptive page.


The Tomlinson Internship

A Tomlinson Internship provides students practical experience opportunities related to their academic program while earning money to offset their educational costs. $20,000 is available each year to fund a number of interns. Directors, Managers, Coordinators or Department Chairs may apply for internships when the call for applications is sent each April from the Student Affairs Office. Students then apply on these positions.

For more information, please visit the Tomlinson Internship Program website.

The Malawi Project

The Malawi Project invites Bishop’s University students to participate in a research based experiential learning, independent study or internship program in the Kasungu region of Malawi, Africa. While living in the rural village of Makupo, students from multidisciplinary backgrounds engage in creating and exploring their own research interests in conjunction with professors, peers and members of the Makupo community. The result of the five week experience is meant to encourage students to creatively expand their own borders of learning through a spirit of reciprocal participation and dialogue.

The Mae Sot Education Project

The Mae Sot Education Project is a volunteer project to assist Burmese refugee and migrant children on the Thai-Burmese border, and to educate Canadians about the plight of people displaced by repression and conflict.

In recent years, more than a million Burmese people have been forced by economic hardship or political repression in Burma (Myanmar) to relocate to towns and refugee camps in Thailand. The Mae Sot Education Project is a small project that hopes to support the Burmese people in their struggle to create a new society free from military dictatorship in Burma by contributing to the education of Burmese migrant children in Thailand. It also tries to promote friendship and solidarity between the Burmese, Thais and Canadians and to deepen the global understanding of youth volunteers and other people in the Eastern Townships of Québec as well as in other parts of Canada.

For more information contact:

Mary Purkey
Mae Sot Education Project website
819-564-3666 ext. 210