Experiential Learning Internship Grant Fund (ELIGF)

Experiential Learning Internship Grant Fund (ELIGF)

Funding Available for Experiential Learning Projects (Winter 2022)

We are happy to announce that Experiential Learning Committee at Bishop’s University has funds available to help defray costs associated with Experiential Learning, whether these be travel costs or other expenses. The maximum amount to be disbursed per project is $2000. The deadline for the applications is February 4, 2022.

Please take note that these funds are available, not only for ELP 300, the generic Experiential Learning course in the Academic Calendar, but also for ANY project linked to any other internship or practicum course identified as such in the Bishop’s Academic Calendar.

*In order for applications to be evaluated, they must be accompanied by a letter of support by the supervising professor and a representative from the host organization (see guidelines section). Bishop’s University has set aside special funds for non-Francophone students planning their internship in a Francophone work environment.

For more information, guidelines and applications please go to the following links: