Experiential Learning Internship Grant Fund (ELIGF)

Experiential learning projects can be submitted for financial support from the Experiential Learning Internships Grant Fund (ELIGF) which provides grants of up to $2000. The experiential learning projects provide credits. Although the funds cannot be used as wages or tuition fees, they can include the cost of equipment, in which case the equipment will remain the property of Bishop’s University after the completion of the course. ELIGF competition is held every year in November.

Who can apply?

  • must be a full or part-time student at Bishop’s University
  • must be registered either in ELP 300 or in an internship or practicum course identified as such in the Bishop’s University Calendar

For more information visit the ELIGF webpage.

For other funds and opportunities, please visit the Scholarships, Awards, Bursaries section and its sub-pages.