Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom

Student Clubs and Organizations

Joining a club at university is a great way to get involved on campus and meet new people who share some of your interests. Bishop’s University offers many clubs and student-run organizations where you can share knowledge with your peers, develop your leadership skills and network on the way! Getting involved is the best way to benefit from your time at Bishop’s. By joining the clubs and committees you will be contributing to the life of your university.

BU Environment Club

Through awareness campaigns, work with the SRC and the SDAG, and specific action campaigns and projects, we seek to improve environmental sustainability at Bishop’s. We also work to promote awareness and action related to environmental sustainability on campus.


The Education Club Community Outreach Program is a student run organization that strives to get involved within communities, crossing borders locally and globally. With our primary focus on youth, our goal is to foster positive interactions between Bishop’s University students and the Lennoxville community. We create and develop a variety of enriching, equitable and sustainable educational opportunities for our peers, allowing them to broaden their experiences and give back to the community.


The SEED course has been designed with the objective of providing finance students with the means to practically apply their knowledge. The course gives students the opportunity to act as investment managers, in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of portfolio management. This will be accomplished by having students invest in recognized North American equities, after prudent research and consulting with an external advisory board.

SEED Portfolio website


The Bishop’s University Students Representative Council is a non-profit student run organization to which all students automatically belong. The SRC is your voice in terms of student-related issues. Not only does it represent you at the university, but also at the provincial and national levels.

SRC website

The Campus

The Campus is the Student Newspaper of Bishop’s University. It is published bi-weekly, from September through April. Editors are hired annually, but contributions from students are welcome throughout the year.

The Mitre

The Mitre is Canada’s oldest English literary journal. It is an annual compilation of art, both visual and written, submitted by students, staff, and faculty.

The Mitre web page

Case Competitions

Case competitions — which have proliferated as an important arena for business schools to show off students’ abilities — level the playing field, enabling even a small school to build a big reputation. The following competitions provide students a variety of opportunities to learn and strengthen skills, from basic communication and presentation skills to critical thinking and analysis.

In previous years, Bishop’s students have been involved in:

NIBS International Student Case Competition
ICBC – Inter-Collegiate Business Competition, hosted by Queen’s University
EXCALIBUR Human Resources Case Competition, sponsored by Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations
Contact Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Business for more information


The Bishop’s yearbook is published annually, and includes pictures and information on the social and academic events held annually, the school’s clubs, and the grads. Contributions are always welcome, in the form of pictures or information.

See the SRC website for a complete list of clubs, descriptions, and contact information.