EWP 099

EWP 099

What is EWP 099?

  • A course consisting of small tutorial groups plus a weekly 1- hour lecture
  • The distinctive feature: tutorial groups of 3-4 students meet at the Writing Centre to work on their writing with a tutor
  • The advantage: each student receives individual attention

How will EWP 099 improve your writing?

  • You will learn how to plan, organize and develop ideas for essay assignments
  • You will learn strategies to improve sentence structure, grammar and punctuation

Who should take EWP 099?

  • Students who have not passed the EWP Exam and want to work on their writing skills in a one-on-one setting
  • Students who enter Bishop’s University with advanced credits and need to satisfy the EWP Requirement within a limited time
  • Students who have more that 45 credits and have not passed the EWP Exam and are not taking ESL courses or other courses to improve their writing skills (see Restrict Status in the EWP section of the Academic Calendar)
  • Please note: EWP 099 cannot be used as an elective. It is a non-credit course for students graduating from Bishop’s University.