Our Place Among the Best

Our Place Among the Best

If one person says it, it is an opinion. If multiple people say it, it can be called a trend. But when multiple and differing sources come to the same conclusion, there has to be truth to the statement. Maclean’s, Globe & Mail, Huffington Post, the National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE) and others, all rank Bishop’s University as providing one of the best overall student experiences in Canada and having some of the most satisfied students in North America. That’s the truth! And we can’t help but say that this demonstrates that Bishop’s is a leader in undergraduate education.

But we also know that with an intimate learning environment, small class sizes, residential campus environment, small town charm, interactive seminars and experiential learning opportunities, Bishop’s isn’t for everyone. However, for those that do choose Bishop’s it is the best choice they will ever make. Don’t believe us? Have a look at these rankings and see what our students and alumni have to say. Then get ready to #BleedPurple and join the Bishop’s community!

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Maclean's 2018 university rankings

Bishop's rankings

Bishop's rankings


At Bishop’s everything is possible.Nicolas Lebeau, Sports Studies, Magog Quebec
It may be hard to be away from home at first, but before you know it BU will feel like your new home. Everyone cares about one another just like a family.Dena Schertzer, Environmental Studies & Geography, Hanover, New Hampshire USA
I love how open-minded Bishop’s encourages their students to be! It’s a time for discovery!Turtle Bernett, Psychology and Sports Studies, Montreal, Quebec
I can tell you that the magic you feel in first year maintains itself to the very end!Ellen Black, English and History, North Vancouver, British Columbia
If you want to attend university, pick one of the big schools. If you want to experience learning and life while attending university, pick Bishop’s.Patricia Herrbach-Mulhern, Class of 1987

Maclean’s University Rankings 2019

  • #1 in Canada for Student Satisfaction
  • #1 for Course Instructors
  • #1 for Extracurricular Activities
  • #1 for Experiential Learning
  • #1 in Library Expenses
  • #1 Student Life Staff
  • #2 for Steps to Prevent Sexual Assault
  • #2 for Administrative Staff
  • #3 for Residence Living
  • #3 in Mental Health Services

CampusRankings.com 2018

  • #1 Most Recommended University in Canada by Students
  • #1 Safest University Campus
  • #1 Best Professors
  • #1 Best Study Abroad Program
  • #1 Most Involved Students
  • #1 Best Overall Value
  • #2 Best Cost of Living
  • #2 Best Food & Dining
  • #2 Strongest Alumni Network
  • #3 Best Employer Recruitment

Maclean’s University Rankings 2018

  • #1 in Canada for Student Satisfaction
  • #1 for Course Instructors
  • #1 for Extracurricular Activities
  • #2 for Steps to Prevent Sexual Assault

CampusRankings.com 2017

  • #1 Most Recommended University by Students
  • #1 Safest Campus
  • #1 Friendliest Students
  • #1 Best Professors
  • #1 Best Study Abroad Program
  • #1 Most Involved Students
  • #1 Best Overall Value
  • #1 Best Extracurricular Activities
  • #2 Best Cost of Living
  • #2 Most Beautiful Campus
  • #2 Best Food & Dining
  • #2 Strongest Alumni Network

Maclean’s University Rankings 2016

  • Bishop’s ranked #1 in Student Satisfaction
  • Bishop’s ranked #1 in Quality of Instructors
  • Bishop’s ranked #1 for Residence Living
  • Bishop’s ranked #2 for Extracurricular Activities
  • Bishop’s ranked #2 for Professors that know your name
  • Bishop’s ranked #5 for Gaining skills and knowledge for Employment
  • Bishop’s ranked #4 for Obtaining Critical Thinking Skills
  • Bishop’s ranked #4 for Library Budget
  • Bishop’s ranked #7 for small class sizes in 1st and 2nd year

Globe & Mail 2016 University Report Card

  • Bishop’s ranked “above average” for overall Student Experience

National Survey on Student Engagement 2015 (NSSE)

Bishop’s ranked in Top 10% in North America for:

  • Collaborative Learning
  • Higher Order Learning
  • Student-Faculty Interaction
  • Quality of Interaction
  • Supportive Environment

Other Facts

  • Ranked #1 overall for Future Entrepreneurs – UniversityHub.ca, February 2016
  • Ranked #2 overall best university in Canada – UniversityHub.ca, February 2016
  • 10 Best Universities for Extracurricular Activities – Huffington Post October 29, 2015 – Bishop’s ranked #1 in the country
  • 10 Canadian universities with the best food – Huffington Post October 21, 2015 – Bishop’s ranked #2 in the country
  • 10 of Canada’s Best Residences – Huffington Post September 22, 2015 – Bishop’s ranked #7
  • 10 Best Canadian Universities for Sports and Recreation – Huffington Post January 14, 2016 – Bishop’s ranked #1 in the country
  • Cheapest Universities in Canada report – UniversityHub.ca 2015 – Bishop’s ranked #5 – “one of the cheapest and best value schools in Canada”
  • 18 Gorgeous University Campuses – BuzzFeed.com November 13, 2015 – Bishop’s ranked #16
  • Pilier d’Or Award for Energy Efficiency – Association des gestionnaires des parcs immobiliers institutionnels (AGPI) November 2015