Collectif Clé

Collectif Clé

Collectif CLÉSince its inception in 2012, the Collectif de recherche sur la continuité des apprentissages en lecture et en écriture (Collectif CLÉ) has brought together research experts from complementary disciplines and from multiple higher-education institutions in the pursuit of original research encompassing continuing education in reading and writing.

The research experts, including the Dean of the Bishop’s School of Education Dr. Corinne Haigh and Dr. Sunny Man Chu Lau, cover a wide range of expertise, including didactics of first, second or foreign languages, psychology, orthopedagogy, linguistics, and literary studies.

The collective has three main missions:

  1. Create and cultivate a novel assembly of experts to tackle social and educational questions about reading and writing competencies.
  2. Maintain a supportive environment for the training of young specialized researchers.
  3. Support and encourage a research team in constant contact with the practice environment.

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