Recovery. Where does Bishop’s University go from here?

Recovering from the near-ruinous previous administration, and temporarily led by Vice-Principal Jonathan Rittenhouse, the faculty and staff of Bishop’s University rally together “amid a new sense of lightness and positivity in the air”.

Professor Michele Murray, Department of Religion, expresses her optimism in a special viewpoint piece published in The Record, January 29, 2008:

Michele Murray

“I am surrounded by intelligent, passionate individuals – from administrators to fellow professors, to staff members, to students – who love Bishop’s and are committed to making it thrive. And it will.”

Renovation of bookstore: $400,000 of renovations unveiled

The Record – January 29, 2008.

With free food, a jazz trio playing in the background, and regional and store managers scurrying about, the  Bishop’s University Book Store officially unveiled $400,000 worth of new fixtures, books and more last Friday afternoon. The bookstore, managed by the Follett company for the past several years and located in the Marjorie Donald Building on campus, saw dozens of visitors, new and old. Follett Regional Manager Pat MacAulay said the hard work was worth it. “There is lots more seating room, new fixtures, more textbooks, and the store is wheelchair accessible.”

New synthetic turf in Coulter Field.

New Synthetic Turf in Coulter Field

February 20, 2008 was a monumental day as work began on a $2.4 million project to install a synthetic turf field. This project is made possible thanks to the financial support of Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS) ($1,190,280), Champlain College ($328,000), the City of Sherbrooke ($311,763), and private donations to the Bishop’s University Foundation ($606,289). The new surface is one of three new ones to be installed in the Sherbrooke area through the support of MELS and the Ville de Sherbrooke: Bishop’s field will be first, followed by surfaces at Parc Sylvie Daigle and l’Université de Sherbrooke. This field will provide a surface that can be used daily without excessive wear, in any kind of weather. It marks the first major infrastructure project for athletics since the John H. Price Sports Centre was opened in 1975.

The first month of work on the project consisted of adding 2000 loads of fill to the field to raise the surface close to four feet (ensuring it is above the 100 year flood plain), along with the relocation of aqueduct and natural gas lines. Next came the installation of the surface, followed by the installation of a special lighting system designed to minimize light pollution. Read more in the Bishop’s University Magazine, No. 25 – Spring 2008.

Michael Goldbloom inaugurates new Coulter Field.

Michael Goldbloom Becomes Bishop’s 18th Principal and Vice-Chancellor

October 17, 2008. Installation Address by Michael Goldbloom.

His address opens with these words: “It is a great honour and a daunting responsibility to become the 18th Principal and Vice-Chancellor of this historic institution…. It is Bishop’s 165-year history of preparing young people to go out and improve the world and the opportunity and responsibility to sustain that tradition – which I find so compelling. I have had a special affection for this university ever since the day – 46 years ago – when I first came here to witness an Honorary Degree being conferred upon my paternal grandfather, Dr. Alton Goldbloom.”. Read more in the Bishop’s University Magazine, No. 27 – Winter 2009.

Lieutenant-General (Retired) Roméo Dallaire gave a speech at Bishop’s on Remembrance Day

November 3, 2008

Lieutenant-General (Retired) Roméo Dallaire, Senator, delivered the second lecture in the 2008 Donald Lecture Series at Bishop’s University on Remembrance Day. General Dallaire has had a long and distinguished career in the Canadian Armed Forces and was formerly Commander of the United Nations Observer Mission – Uganda and Rwanda and the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda. He is author of the internationally recognized best selling book about the genocide in Rwanda, “Shake Hands With The Devil – the failure of humanity in Rwanda”, based on his experiences in and after the United Nations Mission to Rwanda. The book was released as a full-length feature film in the fall of 2007. “General Dallaire is a remarkable example of courage and compassion in the face of some of the worst horrors that humanity is capable of,” said Bishop’s Principal Michael Goldbloom, “Bishop’s is truly fortunate to welcome such a remarkable, internationally respected Canadian.”. Read more in the Bishop’s University Magazine, No. 27 – Winter 2009.


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