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Policy on a Smoke Free Environment (PDF)

In consideration of the growing trend for Canadian post-secondary institutions to become smoke-free and in response to recent legislative changes to the Quebec Tobacco Control Act Bishop’s University is committed to providing a safe and healthy community, workplace and study environment.

The University also recognizes the adverse health effects of smoking and second hand smoke and is committed to embracing a policy to protect the health and security of its community while maintaining the freedom of personal choice.

The policy on a smoke free environment reflects a shift from the previous restrictions for smoking within 9 meters of buildings and public areas, to smoking only in designated smoking areas on campus.

Smoking is now prohibited across campus except in Designated Smoking Areas. These areas are located on the periphery of campus in proximity to parking lots as pictured below.

Map of Smoke Free Environment

Why the Move to a Smoke Free Environment?

Some of the main considerations in this policy change are:

  • To reduce exposure to second hand smoke for all members of the community or visitors to campus;
  • To adopt a Tobacco Control Policy geared toward establishing a smoke free environment as required by the Act for post-secondary institutions;
  • To advise the community regarding the legal restrictions related to smoking in public spaces in Quebec;
  • To help to ensure a cleaner, litter free campus.

The restriction applies to all members of the Bishop’s University community including both Bishop’s and Champlain students, faculty and staff, as well as visitors, contractors and guests on University property.


For more information:
Bishop’s Security: 819-822-9711
Quebec Tobacco Control Act R.S.Q., c-L-6.2

Can I consume cannabis on Campus?

No. It is forbidden for anyone to use cannabis in any form on campus as per the University Policy for the regulation of Cannabis.

Can I be fined for smoking outside of a designated area on Campus?

Public inspectors from the Minister of Health can issue fines ($250 – $750) for non-compliance with the Quebec Tobacco Control Act. Security may also issue fines as per various university policies or codes of conduct.

Can I smoke in my car?

Smoking in any vehicle operated by the University is prohibited. Smoking in a personal vehicle will be tolerated in parking lots where designated smoking areas are located as long as cars are not parked within 9 meters of a building.

Who do I call if I see someone smoking outside a designated smoking area or wish to make a complaint?

The entire Bishop’s community is responsible for the success of a smoke free environment. If you do not feel comfortable speaking with someone politely and courteously you can call security at 819-822-9711.

I work or study at Champlain Regional College. Can I smoke on their property?

No. As per their institution’s Policy, with the exception of areas specified for Champlain College residences, Champlain property is a smoke free environment too.

Are there any exceptions to the Policy?

Yes. A designated smoking area is available outside the Gait during its business hours. In advance of special events, it is also possible to request a temporary designated smoking area by contacting Bishop’s Security Services.