The Information Resources Committee shall be charged with ensuring that plans and policies governing information technology services (ITS) are in place, including response plans to prevent and control risks.

The functions of the Information Resources Committee include:

  • examining and recommending the approval of the ITS strategic plan (Systems Evolution and Infrastructure) to ensure its contribution to the strategic priorities of the University;
  • reviewing the University’s ITS policies;
  • examining the risks associated with information resources and ensuring that the University has in place the proper policies and response plans to prevent and control them;
  • providing oversight for major investment projects (value of $500K and up), including but not limited to the project risks, budget and timeline; and
  • overseeing projects (value of $1M and up) or delegating the task to an Ad Hoc Oversight Committee.

The Information Resources Committee is composed of:

  • one (1) External Board member;
  • one (1) Internal Board member who is a member of the faculty;
  • one (1) External community member with expertise in ITS;
  • the Chair of the Board of Governors; and
  • the Principal and Vice-Chancellor.

The Vice-Principal Finance and Administration and the Director of ITS shall attend meetings of the Information Resources Committee in a non-voting capacity.

Members 2022-2023

External Governor (1):Kent Carson (Chair)
Internal Governor (1):Jessica Riddell
External community member:Rob Allat
Ex officio members:Robert Hall
Michael Goldbloom
Resource persons:Isabelle Goyette
Mark Caduc