The Human Resources Committee shall be charged with formulating and overseeing human resources policies and advising on matters relating to employment at the University.

The functions of the Human Resources committee include:

  • ensuring that effective human resources strategies, policies and practices are established and adhered to that will represent and reinforce the core values, and culture of the University.
  • reviewing periodically the standards and scales of remuneration and other conditions of employment of all the University’s employees, staff, faculty and management personnel, for their relevance, adequacy, affordability and compliance with provincial regulations;
  • developing and proposing for consideration by the Board of Governors an expertise and experience profile to be used in appointing the Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University;
  • ensuring that the appointment procedure for members of the senior administration is applied;
  • formulating and proposing criteria for the evaluation of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University by the Chair of the Board of Governors, and making recommendations to the Board regarding the remuneration and benefits of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor;
  • making recommendations to the Board on a method to evaluate the performance of members of the senior administration;
  • receiving the candidacies that the Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University proposes for positions in the senior administration under his or her immediate authority, examining the candidacies and submitting its conclusions to the Principal and Vice-Chancellor;
  • receiving from the administration a proposal on collective bargaining mandates, examining the proposal and approving a mandate in accordance with the University’s budget envelope;
  • receiving regular reports from the Joint Health and Safety Committee on issues related to health and safety in the work place and making such recommendations as it deems appropriate.
  • establishing a succession planning program for the University’s senior administration; and
  • preparing and publishing a yearly report on the discharge of its mandate.

The Human Resources Committee is composed of:

  • three External Governors;
  • the Chair of the Board of Governors;  and
  • the Principal and Vice-Chancellor.

The Vice-Principal Academic, the Vice-Principal Finance and Administration and the Director of Human Resources attend meetings in a non-voting capacity.

Members 2022-2023

External Governors (3):Jane Brydges (Chair)
Michel Marleau
Tova White
Ex officio members:Robert Hall
Michael Goldbloom
Resource persons:Nicholas Andrews
Isabelle Goyette
Andrew Webster
Denise Lauzière (interim Secretary-General)