Senate Mandate

The powers and responsibilities of the Senate shall be as follows:

Subject to the control and jurisdiction of the Corporation, to govern the academic work and life of the University.

To prepare and recommend plans and policies for the academic development of the University, including by way of example, the following:

  • areas of study,
  • organization of academic activities (such as faculties, divisions, programmes and departments),
  • graduate studies policy,
  • methods of teaching and study,
  • educational standards,
  • library and other academic services,
  • conduct of examinations,
  • recommending to Convocation the granting of all degrees in course,
  • nature of all scholarships, fellowships and awards,
  • admissions,
  • size and composition of faculty.

Meeting Dates 2020-21

All meetings begin at 2:30 p.m.


  • Friday, September 11th
  • Friday, October 23rd
  • Friday, November 20th


  • Friday, January 29th
  • Friday, March 19th
  • Friday, May 21st

Senate Documents

Responsibilities of Departmental Chairpersons (PDF)
Senate 317 – April 23, 1990