Leadership and Vision

The charisma and strength of Bishop’s University are shaped by our people. Our university’s leadership and administrative teams are committed to ensuring that Bishop’s continues on our path towards enriching and supporting our founding mission of offering the country at large a sound and liberal education. Moreover, these teams ensure that the Bishop’s community maintains its values in providing Canada’s best overall undergraduate experience.

Bishop’s University leadership and vision

A university is more than bricks, buildings and mortar.  More than anything else, it is defined by its people. And nowhere except Bishop’s are the people such a cornerstone of the community and the university’s successes.

The leadership and administrative teams at Bishop’s University – from the Board of Governors to the Senate, the Principal to the Vice-Principals and Associate Vice-Principals, the Deans to the Directors – are all committed to ensuring that BU is on a path towards enriching and supporting our mission of providing Canada’s premier undergraduate educational experience.

This section outlines the people, roles, responsibilities, structures and other aspects of our university’s various governing and leadership bodies as mandated by governmental, legislative and administrative bodies.