Up for Debate

Up for Debate

Up for Debate 2019

From February 8-10, Students from Maple League Universities will be gathering at Bishop’s University, which is hosting the seventh annual Up for Debate week-end, to take part in a variety of debating activities, discussions and lectures on the theme of advancing human rights, and to benefit from a unique learning experience among peers from similar universities.

“Four similar Canadian liberal arts universities, Acadia, Bishop’s, Mount Allison, and St. Francis Xavier, have formed the Maple League because they believe that by collaborating rather than competing, they can offer students a richer and more relevant learning experience,” explains Dr. Jessica Riddell, of Bishop’s English Department and Executive Director of the Maple League. “The Maple League vision is to build critical thinkers and leaders through the delivery of an extraordinary 21st century liberal education.”

The theme this year is advancing human rights. The Up for Debate activities showcase many of the values of the Maple League such as collaborating to create new ways of learning, encouraging student collaboration in learning, as well as community engagement and global citizenship – both inside the classroom and beyond.

The Up for Debate week-end is a highlight of Maple League collaboration, during which students from Acadia, Mount Allison, and St. Francis Xavier Universities gather at Bishop’s for a week-end of debate competition for the Jane Blaikie Cup, Business School Case competition, TEDxUBishops talks and Donald Lecture by featured speaker Sally Armstrong, O.C.