2019 Giving Tuesday Campaign – our generous donors contributed $144,086.08

2019 Giving Tuesday Campaign – our generous donors contributed $144,086.08


When Bishop’s launched the 2019 Giving Tuesday campaign, we told you we had an “ambitious goal”, and asked you to help raise $70,000 for student mental health resources on campus.

On December 3rd, the outpouring of donor support forced our team to change our goal throughout the day – several times – with a final goal of $130,000. A week later, total donations made in honour of Giving Tuesday are more than DOUBLE our original target!

Chart showing our total donation of over one hundred forty four thousand dollars

Total of donations: $144,086.08


Here’s a snapshot of your success:

Giving Tuesday 2018Giving Tuesday 2019Increase
DesignationStudent Emergency AidStudent Mental Health Resources
# of donors30036321%
$ donated$62,926.50$144,086.08129%
Stine Lindén-Andersen

Thank you from Stine Lindén-Andersen, Ph.D., Dean of Student Affairs

Dear Gaiters, we are overwhelmed by your generosity and dedication to mental health services on campus. We will be able to make great strides with the funds from Giving Tuesday. My team and I work tirelessly to support students and you have shown us that you stand beside us as we battle stigma. I can’t wait to tell you all about the new initiatives we will build from these funds. A huge purple thank you from us!
– Stine

Mental Health Testimonial

Bishop’s hasn’t just helped me grow into the person that I am today, it is also gotten me through the toughest mental health crisis of my life. I wish I’d known earlier what I know now: where I thought I would meet judgement and dismissal, I found a genuine desire to support and accommodate me.
The Bishop’s Mental Health system (the doctors at the clinic, the service staff at the front desk, the therapists at the counseling office, and all the professors) helped clear the heavy fog weighing me down and made sure I finished my degree without compromising my health. We need to ensure those services continue to be available for students, and every little donation helps!
– Sam Larouche ’16

Sam Larouche

Antoine Grignon

Giving Tuesday 2018

After the dust had settled on the incident, I thought I was going to have to drop out and go back to living with my parents. I had no clothes and no expectations of aid since I wasn’t insured. The school contacted me and offered help with my courses, housing and food. I never expected the school to help me or the other victims. Now I really understand the meaning of bleeding purple; thank you so much to the school and the incredible student body for all the help.”
– Antoine Grignon (current student)

Whether you donated $5 or $500, are a recent grad, an alumnus from 50 years ago, a long-time donor, a first-time donor, a friend of the university, the parent of a student, or anything in between, this was (and will continue to be) a community-wide effort. At the foundation of Bishop’s and its success are its supporters, and we truly couldn’t do it without you… THANK YOU!

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If you have any questions about Giving Tuesday or about mental health programming at Bishop’s, send us an email and you’ll get a personalized message in your inbox.

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