Upcoming Café Scientifique: Progressive Voices of the Arab-Muslim World

Upcoming Café Scientifique: Progressive Voices of the Arab-Muslim World

March 28, 2017

In this latest edition of its Café Scientifique series of knowledge mobilization events, Bishop’s University is happy to invite community members who have an interest in learning about different cultures, in promoting harmonious community living, or in thinking critically about some of the images of the Arab-Muslim world that are omnipresent in the media to attend a talk, given in French by Dr. Osire Glacier, Professor of History, Religion, and Politics and International Studies, entitled “Les voix progressistes du monde arabo-musulman” (“Progressive Voices of the Arab-Muslim World”).

Acts of terrorism perpetrated by Muslim radicals are too often portrayed as acts of a war raging between a radicalized Islam and Western democracy. This is one of the myths that this talk will address. What role does the fight for natural resources play in this conflict? What role does the Western world play as well? Are there common characteristics that unite all Canadians, including the Arab-Muslim communities?

In her talk, Dr. Glacier will touch upon the following themes:

  • The deconstruction of myths and prejudices such as “us” vs. “them”, “conservative” vs. “progressive”, “Islam” vs. « Western democracy », etc.
  • Elements that progressive voices all over the world have in common, such as feminism and human rights.

Dr. Glacier holds a doctoral degree from McGill University and teaches courses on Islam, Women and Islam, Politics and Religions of the Middle East and Northern Africa. She is a specialist of women’s history in Morocco, of gender-based politics in postcolonial Morocco and of human rights in Morocco. She has published several books on these topics and hosts a blog, www.etudesmarocaines.com, which aims to share her research expertise with a general public.

Any individual with an interest in history and in Arab-Muslim culture is welcome to attend this event, which promises to be lively and enlightening. Please note that the talk will be given in French, although questions and comments in English will be welcome.

Event details

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017, 7 p.m.
Bibliothèque municipale Éva-Sénécal, 450 Marquette St., Sherbrooke, Salle 3

Talk: Les voix progressistes du monde arabo-musulman.


Les voix progressistes du monde arabo-musulman