Donation & Gift Policy

Donation & Gift Policy

The John Bassett Memorial Library welcomes gifts of books, journals and other items, as well as donations of money designated for the purchase of library materials. Over the years, these gifts from faculty, students and private donors have significantly enhanced the library and helped to develop our collections.

Acceptance Guidelines

In general, the library accepts gift offers that comply with its collection development policies, although some exceptions may be made.

The library accepts:

  • academic materials in any subject areas that support the current curriculum, chiefly at the undergraduate level (the university also has master’s programs in Computer Science, Education and Physics)
  • materials that support the research needs of faculty
  • materials relating to the Eastern Townships
  • fiction
  • children’s literature for the use of students in the School of Education
  • duplicate copies or updated editions in better condition than current library holdings

The library does not accept:

  • items in poor condition
  • textbooks (especially for elementary and high schools)
  • photocopies
  • popular and public library materials (unless they relate to the Eastern Townships)
  • items in outdated formats (exception: LPs)

In addition, the library does not accept gifts and donations with restrictions, except in rare cases. Other factors such as copyright law, licensing agreements, space limitations and processing costs may prevent acceptance of certain gifts.


All agreements with potential donors must be made through the Acquisitions Librarian (see contact below) or appropriate Subject Librarian. It is preferable to obtain from the donor a list of materials itemized by author, title, publisher and date. However, if this is not possible, the appropriate subject librarians may evaluate large collections at their locations to select materials suitable for the library.

The library reserves the right to retain or dispose of gifts, once accepted, as it sees fit. Bookplates are used to acknowledge both individual and group donors.

Tax Receipts

  • Receipts for income tax purposes will be issued to donors only for those materials retained by the library.
  • No tax receipts will be issued for items received as complimentary copies.
    No tax receipts will be issued for items purchased with professional development funds or research grants.
  • Items are evaluated at fair market value obtained through publisher’s catalogues, etc.
  • For collections valued at more than $1,000, an external appraiser suitable to both the library and the donor is required. The cost of external appraisers is borne by the donor.

Lorraine Smith
819-822-9600 ext. 2283