Bishop's Library

Study Hall is Back!

The Library will be open until 2:30 a.m.
on the following dates:

April 11
April 13-18
April 21-25
April 27-29


IBISWorld -- New database! -- full access on and off campus now available

IBISWorld is a business database that offers industry market research, including Canadian content. Find data on market share, financial ratios, supply chain, key players, industry outlooks and operating conditions.

This week's new book feature!

The Parent App: Understanding Families in the Digital Age

"Is my thirteen-year-old responsible enough for a Facebook page? What will happen if I give my nine-year-old a cell phone? In The Parent App, Lynn Schofield Clark provides what families have been sorely lacking: smart, sensitive, and insightful analysis into the dilemmas of digital and mobile media in modern life." book cover

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