What can you do with your degree?

What can you do with your degree?

It can be tricky trying to figure out what to do after your undergraduate degree. Do you continue to grad school? Do you start working, and if so, doing what? What options do you have? What marketable skills have you learned? Navigating through all these questions can be a very daunting task.

To help you clarify your career options and objectives, the Career Development Services has put together different helpful guides that include the professions you could do with your undergraduate degree or with further education, as well as different graduate certificates and master programs that could improve your candidacy for the positions that interest you. These lists are not thorough but are designed to help you think of possibilities. These guides also include a list of transferrable skills you have probably acquired during your studies to help you better identify the tasks that you can perform when looking at a job posting or description. Finally, you will find in these documents a multitude of resources that can help your career or job search process.

If after looking at these guides you still feel lost, you may consider booking an individual appointment with the Career Counsellor. To do so, simply come to the Student Support Services reception (one floor above the bookstore – SUB building) to fill in an intake form and schedule your first appointment.

English (PDF)
Political Science (PDF)
Psychology (PDF)
Sociology (PDF)

More guides coming soon…