Residence and Meal Plans Fees

Residence and Meal Plans Fees

Residence Fees 2017/2018

All residence students must pay room fees, communication fees, and a mandatory dining plan. Details about the residence deposit and deadlines can be found on the Residence Application web page. Room, communication and dining fees are divided into monthly installments that students must pay on the first of every month.

International students must pay in full at the start of each semester. For more information please refer to the Fees and Living Expenses web page of the International students website.

Room Fees 2017/2018


Monthly: Year:
Abbott: Single Occupancy
15 square meters
$655 $5240
Abbott: Double Occupancy (Style 1)
Private bathroom shared by 2 occupants.
25 square meters
$552 $4416
Abbott: Double Occupancy (Style 2)
Semi private bedroom area for each student, shared bathroom by 2 occupants plus student in adjoining bedroom.
11-15 square meters per bedroom. Total of 26 square meters.
$578 $4624
Mackinnon / Norton / Pollack: Single Occupancy
10-12 square meters (variable)
$578 $4624
Mackinnon / Norton / Pollack: Double Occupancy
13-18 square meters (variable)
$507 $4056
Mackinnon 119: Triple Occupancy
44 square meters of living space.
$499 $3992
Mackinnon 122: Triple Occupancy
32 square meters of living space.
$499 $3992
Munster: Single Occupancy
15 square meters
$616 $4928
Munster 311: Quad Occupancy
46 square meters with 2 bedrooms, living room, small kitchen and dining area.
$578 $4624
Paterson Hall: Single Occupancy
102 square meters (entire apartment)
$665 $5320
Pollack 107: Quad Occupancy
49 square meters of living space.
$499 $3992

*Communication Fee
In addition to accommodation and dining fees, each resident will be charged a mandatory $41.00 monthly communication fee. This includes in-room internet and telephone connections (local calls only).

The terms and conditions with regards to cancelling your residence application are outlined on the residence application information web page. For assistance, please contact Residence and Conference Services at or call 819-822-9600 ext. 2685.

On vs Off-Campus Cost Comparison

Dining Fees 2017/2018

Visit our Campus Dining page to see the pricing and options for the various dining plans. Please note that all residence students must purchase one of the mandatory dining plans. There are no “room-only plans.”