Canadian High School Students

Canadian High School Students

You are considered a Canadian high school student for admission purposes if you:

  • are currently completing Grade 12 at a high school in Canada; or you
  • graduated within the last two years from high school in Canada and you have not studied elsewhere since graduation; or you
  • are currently completing Grade 12 at an international school that follows a Canadian high school curriculum formally recognized by one of the Canadian provincial ministries of education; or you
  • graduated within the last two years from an international school that follows a Canadian high school curriculum formally recognized by one of the Canadian provincial ministries of education and you have not studied elsewhere since graduation.

Admission Requirements: General

  • Completed high school diploma
  • Completion of the minimum number of university-preparatory courses, according to province, as indicated in the table below:
BRITISH COLUMBIA & YUKON  4 approved* Grade 12 courses
ALBERTA, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES & NUNAVUT  5 courses numbered 30 or 31
SASKATCHEWAN  5 courses numbered 30
MANITOBA  5 courses numbered 40
ONTARIO  6 courses numbered 4U/M
NEW BRUNSWICK  5 courses numbered 120, 121, or 122
NOVA SCOTIA  5 courses numbered 12 academic or advanced
PEI  5 courses numbered 61X or 62X
NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR  5 courses numbered 31XX or 32XX

*Approved courses are indicated in the BC Approved Grade 12 Courses List.

Admission Requirements: Program-Specific

Consult the table below to determine specific provincial Grade 12 courses required by individual programs as well as the estimated minimum admission averages:


For students applying to the Williams School of Busi­ness programs please note that while we do not re­quire the following courses as part of your admissions average calculation, we strongly encourage students to have one of the following Math courses. If you do not have these courses you will be required to take an additional math course outside of your degree re­quirements (MATH190) before you are able to enroll in MATH 196.

  • BC/YT: Pre-Calculus 12
  • AB/NT/NU: Math 30-1
  • SK: Pre-Calculus 30 or Calculus 30
  • MB: Pre-Calculus 40
  • ON: Advanced Functions 4U or Calculus & Vectors 4U
  • QC: Calculus I and Linear Algebra
  • NB : Pre-Calculus 120A/120B or Calculus 120
  • NS: Pre-Calculus 12 or Calculus 12
  • PE: Math 611B or Math 621B
  • NL: Math 3200 or Math 3201 or Math 3208

Academic Success Archway Program (A.S.A.P)

The A.S.A.P. program is a four-day (Monday, Aug. 24 – Thursday August 27, 2015) intensive university transition program designed to help students evolve from a Canadian high school or CEGEP setting and gain practical skills, competencies and confidence that will assist them in succeeding at Bishop’s University.

Students cannot simply join the A.S.A.P. program; rather they are selected – both by us and by themselves.  Once students apply to Bishop’s and supply high school or CEGEP transcripts, students will be contacted to tell them more about the A.S.A.P. program.

Learn more about this beneficial new program.

Required Supporting Documents: All Applicants

Proof of English proficiency

All applicants must submit proof of English proficiency.  Consult the English Language Proficiency Requirements document to determine what, if any, supplementary documents you must provide.

Copy of your high school transcript, including current mid-term grades if possible

Students from Ontario high schools who have an Ontario Universities Application Center (OUAC) number can provide this number in the online application for fall entry, and Bishop’s University will receive transcripts directly from OUAC.  However, OUAC begins transmitting transcripts to Bishop’s only in March each year, so if you apply early and would like to receive a quick response to your request for admission, be sure to send a copy of your transcript directly to the Admissions Office as soon as you have applied.

Copy of personal identification document(s)

Consult the Personal Identification Documents page to determine what document(s) you must provide.

At the request of the Admissions Office, additional documentation (letter of motivation, CV, etc.) may be required to complete your application.

Additional Supporting Documents: Program-Specific

Applicants to Programs in the Department of Music:

  • Audition
  • Letter of musical background

Details on both of the above are found in the Music Admissions Information Sheet.