Baccalauréat Français (BACF) Students

Baccalauréat Français (BACF) Students

You are considered a baccalauréat français (BACF) student for admission purposes if you:

  • are currently completing a baccalauréat français; or you
  • obtained the baccalauréat français within the last two years and you have not studied elsewhere since graduation

Admission Requirements: General

  • Completed baccalauréat français général
  • Minimum BACF score of 12

Candidates with very strong performance in a baccalauréat professionel or baccalauréat technologique may be considered on an individual basis depending upon the specific baccalauréat stream followed and the University program applied to.

Admission Requirements: Program-Specific

With the exception of those applying to programs in Natural Sciences and Mathematics, students from any baccalauréat général stream may be considered for any program of study at Bishop’s University. Recommended streams are indicated below:

Degree Program Division:


  • Recommended BACF Stream: S or ES


  • Recommended BACF Stream: ES or L


  • Recommended BACF Stream: S, ES, or L


  • Recommended BACF Stream: S (required)

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION – elementary and secondary

  • Recommended BACF Stream: S, ES, or L

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION – math or science as a teachable

  • Recommended BACF Stream: S (required)

BACF Courses and Transfer Credit

Students can receive advanced standing credit at Bishop’s University for most BACF courses completed with a score of 12 or better.  View the current BACF Courses Transfer Chart for details.

Students who complete the baccalauréat général with a final score of 12 or higher and mention assez bien are eligible to receive 30 advanced standing credits, equivalent to one year of full-time study.

Required Supporting Documents: All Applicants

  • Proof of English proficiency. All applicants must submit proof of English proficiency.  Consult the English Language Proficiency Requirements document to determine what, if any, supplementary documents you must provide.
  • Copy of your high school transcript from Première and Terminale, including current mid-term grades and predicted BACF scores if possible (or final BACF results if you have already graduated)
  • Copy of personal identification document(s). Consult the Personal Identification Documents page to determine what document(s) you must provide.

At the request of the Admissions Office, additional documentation (letter of motivation, CV, etc.) may be required to complete your application.

Additional Supporting Documents: Program-Specific

Applicants to Programs in the Department of Music:

  • Audition
  • Letter of musical background

Details on both of the above are found in the Music Admissions Information Sheet.