For Parents

About the Williams School of Business

Are there specialized visits for student wishing to study in Business?
Will my child succeed in the business program if English is not his/her first language?
What are the distinctive qualities of the Williams School of Business?
Does the WSB offer an MBA Program?
What distinguishes the William School of Business professors?

About Bishop’s University

Can I access my child’s file?
Can I ask questions on their behalf?
What does Bishop's have to offer that will contribute to my child’s career development?

For WSB Students

First year WSB students

Where and how can I get a tutor?
What type of work will be expected from me over the course of my degree?
What type of classes will I have to take?
Where can I get a confirmation of enrollment letter?
When do I need to choose my concentration?
What happens if I fail a class?
Is it possible to change my courses after the registration date?
How many hours per week, per course, should I devote to my studies?
Will I have to take evening classes?
Is the registration different for winter semesters?
What are key dates to remember?
When and where can I purchase textbooks?

Current WSB students

When and how should I declare a concentration?
How can I become a teaching assistant?
How can I change programs?
What is spring school and is it mandatory?
Can I earn more than one minor/major or complete a double concentration?