Graduate Certificate in Management

Graduate Certificate in Management

An English graduate in Real Estate. A Chemistry graduate in Marketing. A Math graduate in Finance. Non-business graduates have a place in the business world, but struggle to find it.

Develop a business skill set that is valued by the workplace

I became much more confident as the world of business was not as mystifying anymore and learned how to market myself better. I made excellent contacts with potential employers and got a job with an international company based in Sherbrooke.Jennie Savage, Clinical Case Officer at Global Excel

If you’re a graduate in a field other than business, you should consider enrolling in this 4-month program and take advantage of the break between graduation and job application time in September!

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What are the key differences between a GCM and a MBA program?
Is there any value in doing a MBA program if I do the GCM program?
Is there any value in doing a master’s program in business if I do the GCM?
What is the difference between the GCM and the Minor in Business Administration or in Entrepreneurship?
What are the skills that companies are looking for?
Will the tuition fees be higher since it is a graduate program?
Do I need a visa and CAQ?
Are there any accommodations for students coming in from out of town?
Is there any possibility for online participation?