Registration, Tuition & Fees

Registration, Tuition & Fees


Work placements are considered as a 3 credit course and you MUST be registered in one of the following courses in order to be eligible to start your workterm:

For Business students:

BMG 391 (Co-operative Education Placement 1)
BMG 392 (Co-operative Education Placement 2)
BMG 393 (Co-operative Education Placement 3)

For Computer Science students:

CSC 391 (Co-operative Education Placement 1)
CSC 392 (Co-operative Education Placement 2)
CSC 393 (Co-operative Education Placement 3)

Registration for summer workterms will open at the time of Spring/Summer course registration. Students will register for one of the above courses online by the established deadlines of the university.


Co-op workterms at Bishop’s University are considered as 3 credit courses. As such, co-op students are subject to the current tuition rates of the University at the time of course registration.

Please visit the Tuition and Fees section of the Bishop’s website for the most current tuition rates as well as important deadlines.


The co-operative education fee of $200 is payable at the Business Office BEFORE the start of your work term. This fee covers the following services that are provided:

  • Customized workshops for co-op students
  • Individual advising and coaching in the job search process
  • Resume assessments
  • Interview preparation
  • Follow-up and visitation
  • Work term evaluations

Students who do not find a placement will not be required to pay the fee.

Important Note

All tuition, fees and outstanding balances on your student account must be paid BEFORE the start of your workterm.