Interview Skills

Interview Skills

So you’ve managed to wow a prospective employer with your resume and cover letter and got yourself an interview? Great! Now on to the interview preparations! Like every other aspect of having a successful career, preparation is the key to acing that interview and getting hired!

A few realities of interviews:

  • Being qualified isn’t enough: even the most qualified person may not get the job if they interview poorly.
  • First impressions DO mean a lot
  • You are being evaluated from the second you arrive until the second you leave
  • Winging an interview = failure 99.9% of the time

Take the time to go through the tips and tools provided in this section.

Effectively Answering Interview Questions

The STAR Method to answering interview questions is one of the most common frameworks taught by career professionals. The Coop Office at Bishop’s encourages students to go one step further and use the STARE Method, which is outlined below.

Sample Interview Questions

Below you will find sample interview questions to help you prepare for the big day. Do keep in mind that every company is different and may ask you different types of questions.

Your most important resource always remains your job description.

How this section works?

For each field of study, you will find 2 documents: 1) The job description 2) Sample interview questions. Read the job description first and keep this in mind when developing your responses. The interview questions are in a Word document, so that you may easily fill in your responses. Be sure to use the tools and tips suggested in the previous sections before proceeding.

Job Description: Sample Interview Questions:
Accounting Accounting Job Description Accounting Interview Questions
Marketing / Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Job Description Entrepreneurship Interview Questions
Finance Finance Job Description Finance Interview Questions
General Management / International Business General Management Job Description General Management Interview Questions
Human Resources Human Resources Job Description Human Resources Interview Questions

*Remember that you can always schedule a mock interview at the Co-op Office.