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Economics is where business, applied mathematics, and human behavior meet. Studying it requires not only an analytical mind, but also curiosity about contemporary events and society as a whole.

Economic models are used to examine choice in all forms of social interactions-including but not limited to business, politics, international relations, workplace, family, schools, and criminal activities. In sum, economics provides one set of tools that you can use to analyze, explain, and predict human interaction in virtually any situation. Studying economics provides you with the analytical and critical thinking skills to understand all kinds of choice decisions and to learn more about the world in which you live.

Why study Economics at Bishop’s?

Bishop's is located in Lennoxville (a suburb of Sherbrooke), which is a small, peaceful, bilingual town brimming with community spirit. Lennoxville itself is located in Quebec's Eastern Townships, which are renowned for their beauty and opportunities for outdoor recreation.
Perhaps the greatest advantage of studying at Bishop's is its smallness. You won't get lost here -- all the teachers get to know you by name and give individual attention to every student. Bishop's Economics department is committed to excellent teaching. Indeed, the Economics faculty have won a number of teaching awards and have received national recognition in Macleans magazine.

Program strengths

B.A. (Major Economics)

  • The Major program provides students with the necessary skills for the job market and emphasizes a balanced approach amongst theoretical, analytical, and policy issues.
  • A unique feature of our Major program is a required practicum course in Economic Analysis and Policy that includes seminar visits to government institutions and think tanks, such as Statistics Canada, the Bank of Canada, the Canadian Labour Congress, the Conference Board of Canada.
  • The Major program allows students to take a wide range of complementary courses in other disciplines or even to complete a double major in Economics and another discipline.
  • One of the most popular double-program choices is a major in Economics combined with a BBA concentration in Finance.
  • The research focus of the Department is also appealing for students with interests in both Economics and Sociology or Psychology, in both Economics and Political Studies, or in both Economics and Mathematics.

B.A. (Honours Economics)

  • The Honours program is more intensive and employs more rigourous analyses with the aim of preparing students for graduate studies in Economics.
  • A major feature of our Honours program is a required course in economics research writing, which provides students with a solid foundation for graduate research work.
  • International Political Economy
  • The Major and Honours programs in International Political Economy aim to develop skills necessary for research, analysis, and evaluation of issues pertinent to the rapidly expanding global economy.

Popular courses

  • Game Theory
  • Public Economics
  • Contemporary Perspectives in Political Economy
  • International Trade
  • Environmental Economics
  • Economic Development

Did you know ?

  • Even though we're small, you can expect to have access to facilities normally found at a large university. We have many computer labs and most of the classrooms are equipped with the latest technology. Our library boasts a collection of nearly 600,000 items and subscribes to over 19,500 print and online periodicals.
  • Bishop's University sponsors one of the largest student exchange programs of any Canadian University. Exchange agreements are in place with over 500 Universities worldwide. Exchanges allow you to cultivate a global perspective and a better understanding of current issues -- an ideal opportunity for a student of economics!

Economics at Bishop’s

Dr. Ambrose Leung - The Economics Department

The Department of Economics has put together a collection of interviews with current students, faculty, and alumni talking about the program at Bishop's.

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