1492: An Ongoing Voyage
This site features information on Columbus's historic voyage from the Library of Congress archives.

Ancestry Search
learn about, research, and and conduct genealogical research.

Anyday in History
find out birthdays, death dates, and special events that happened any day of the year.

The Age of King Charles V (1338-1380)
The Bibliotheque Nationale de France presents this large site containing historical information of the King Charles V period.

Alexander Graham Bell
Notebooks Project notes on his experiments scanned in Alexander Graham Bell's Path to the Telephone information on Bell's research, with flowcharts of his progress and experiments.

Alice Williamson Diary
A part of the Duke University Special Collections Library, this site presents a 36-page diary kept by a school girl, Alice Williamson, in Gallatin Tennessee from February to September 1864.

The American West
This site contains extensive information on the development and history of the American West.

Apollo 11
The first manned landing on the moon is showcased in this site, which includes comments from the astronauts and extensive technical information about the mission.

the extensive World Wide Web virtual library of archaeology

a new site from A&E search a database of over 15,000 famous people

Black Facts Online
find out what happened on any day or date in Black history

Born on this Day
annotated list to famous people born today from Encyclopedia Britannica

Charter of the United Nations
the full text of this 1945 document establishing the United Nations

Cybrary of the Holocaust
a guide to the Holocaust including teaching materials and eyewitness accounts

The Castles of Wales
This is a very comprehensive, attractive, and well organized site dedicated to the castles of Wales. It lists more than 170 castles, many with pictures and one with virtual tour, and includes historical information and a section on Welsh Abbeys.

The Civil War Home Page
This is a huge site offering information and links to everything about the American Civil War, from battles to people, collectibles to reenactments.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures
an exhibition of Web sites pertaining to world cultures

Grolier Online: World War II Page
a series of hypertext encyclopedia articles dealing with WWII

Exploring the West from Monticello
This is an online view of an exhibition of maps and journals examining the planning of the Lewis and Clark Expedition The exhibition largely utilizes documents from Thomas Jefferson's personal library of explorers' accounts, geographic works, and maps.

HyperHistory Online
a visual timeline of concurrent events in the last 3000 years with links to related sites; still under development

Internet Medieval Sourcebook
links to texts available on the Internet to assist in teaching medieval history

Resources for Medieval Studies a easy-to-use site which provides organized access to electronic resources in medieval studies

The History Net
an extensive, content-rich, well set-up site which includes world and US history, interviews, feature articles and much more

History of Costume
an online reproduction of a 1880's book that provides drawings of historical dress from antiquity to the end of the 19th century

History Resources and Standards a good list of links with educational standards in this subject area included

Nobel Prize Internet Archive
lists of winners in all categories with links to related sites

The Great Pyramid
Many architects who have studied the Great Pyramid contend that even with the wonders of modern technology, we could not build it today! No wonderful graphics, but this is a fascinating study of the ancient pyramid and its history.

The History Channel
The History Channel offers lessons on everything from Martin Luther King Jr. to lesser-known historical figures and events. Includes both world and US history. A good source for kids, parents, and teachers.

History of Egypt
This link is on Egypt's Ministry of Tourism site and it has large amounts of information on Egyptian history, mainly taken from Egypt of the Pharaohs by Sir Alan Gardiner. The pages are organized chronologically by dynasty.

The Library of Congress

There's more information here on "North American Aborigine Projectile Points and Lithics" (arrowheads to most of us) than we knew existed! There's a glossary of lithics terminology, a set of labeled drawings of the various point types, lists of reference books and periodicals, and excellent links.

The Mariners' Museum
Newport News, Virginia This is a really neat site: I never knew maritime history was so cool! You can check out news, exhibitions, galleries, learn about the museum's collections, and visit the extensive research library where, for a fee, you can have them do research for you.

Medieval and Renaissance Fact and Fiction
This is a guide to Web resources "for people who are interested in the history, culture, literature and re-creation of the Middle Ages and Renaissance." Most links have some annotation.

Military Books Online
Looking for online research resources on various aspects of military history? This is the place to go; there's great information here.

Museum of the City of San Francisco
Here's an extremely well organized look at the history and artifacts of San Francisco. The documents are fascinating and tell the story of the settlement of California as well as of this beautiful and famous city.

The Napoleon Foundation
The Napoleon Foundation is dedicated to the study of the civil and military achivements of the first and second empires. The site includes a history of the time period, and in-depth information on the Bonaparte family. Very impressive, and it's available in French or English.

National Holocaust Memorial Museum
Though primarily this is information about the musuem, the "Learning About the Holocaust" section provides a teacher with information for teaching about the holocaust. There are also excerpts from the official trial with accompanying photographs (though some get pretty graphic.)

National Women's History Project
The National Women's History Project promotes multicultural women's history awareness. The web site offers information regarding National Women's History Month (March) as well as great quotes by and about women's history, a women's history test (bet you can't get them all right) and links to other women's history web sites.

Natural History Museums and Collections
You can link from here to hundreds of museums, botanical gardens, conservation sites, and libraries around the world. Many of these are truly spectacular. Sources are divided by continent and arranged alphabetically.

The Provincial Museum of Alberta
Featuring the human and natural history of Alberta and western Canada, The Provincial Museum of Alberta presents 12 curatorial programs, exhibits, galleries, and events. The Museum's site is extensive and rich with information for educators and students alike.

The Revolutionary War: A Journey Towards Freedom
Designed as "an online reference tool and a forum for discussion on American History around the time of the Revolution (1763-1810)" this site offers an illustrated tour of Valley Forge and Washington's Crossing, a Fun Zone with games and word searches, and a Teacher's Corner with activities and plans.

SCORE: History/Social Science
a collection of history and social studies links searchable by grade level and theme; some suggested activities are included

Sulgrave Manor
Sulgrave Manor is the English home of George Washington's ancestors. This site gives event and visitor information of local interest, but also provides the history of the Washingtons and some insight into how the family of the first U.S. president came to live in North America.

Susan B. Anthony
This site offers a biography, photographs, and other information about Susan B. Athony. As her niece said, "Because of Aunt Susan's love for women and perseverance in her cause, I have today the enjoyment of a great many more rights and privileges than my mother had twenty-five years ago."

Television News Archives: Evening News Broadcasts
a great place to read abstracts of what was going on every day since 1968

Those Were the Days
an annotated list of things that happened on this day in history

Titanic Home Page
a site including Titanic information and links to other Titanic sites

Trenches on the Web
an interactive history of World War I; under construction 3/96

The U-Boat War in Cartoons
This little gem shows five wonderful old cartoons from newspapers of 1915-1916 depicting British, German, and United States reactions to the battles over shipping just prior to U.S. involvement in World War I. It's a nice history mini-lesson with exposition and questions.

Virtual Renaissance: A Journey Through Time
This is fun and fascinating history. There are many places to visit and a lot of information here, plus links to other great Renaissance and historical sites. If you go to the town and visit the school, you can learn about the alphabet and other lessons used by the students (boys only, of course!) of the day.

Vietnam: Yesterday and Today
this sites includes a timeline of the Vietnam War put together by the author, extensive bibliographies of print and nonprint materials, and links to other Vietnam and Vietnam War sites

World History Chart
This site offers a "synchronoptic" view of world history, allowing the user to conceptualize world historical events in the format of what was happening on widely separated parts of the earth at the same time. They use a lot of frames, so if your browser doesn't support frames it can be a rough ride. If it does, the site is well worth your time.

World War II Commemoration
an extensive collection of WWII information from Grolier