Global Awareness Week

Global Awareness Week

Each year, the Department of Politics and International Studies organizes a Global Awareness Week (GAW) as a series of events.

Each Global Awareness Week is organized through a joint effort involving faculty, staff and students around a particular theme that is of interest to the organizing committee.

Global Awareness Week 2016

GLOBAL HEALTH: TACKLING WICKED PROBLEMS examined the ever-present and complicated issues surrounding global health. The series of events focusing on mental health in both the local and global context, the impact of hunger and food security on health, the provision of medical care in the Global South, and public health initiatives in Canada.

2016 Full Schedule

Global Awareness Week 2015

GAW 2015: BREAKING THE BISHOP’S BUBBLE: OUR WORLD BEYOND THE HEADLINES focused on examining highly topical but complex events with more nuance including public presentations and documentaries on the Black Lives Matter movement in the US, the refugee crisis in southern Europe, and the role of waste reduction in environmental preservation. During this year’s week, the University also held a Donald Lecture with Edward Snowden about mass surveillance, secrecy and democracy in the digital age.

2015 Full Schedule

Global Awareness Week 2014

In GAW 2014: Identity (4 days, 4 takes) each night featured an event that looked at an issue of identity from one of four perspectives: preserving cultural diversity, demystifying the Islamic State, aboriginal identity and the Canadian arctic, and national identity in complex political systems.

2014 Full Schedule